Adam Schiff Uses Military Authorization and Spending Bill To Try And Cover Tracks

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It’s beginning to seem like Democrats are resigned to their fate and have begun to move from hoping they retain power after to the midterms to covering their tracks from the debacle that has been the first 18 months of the Biden Administration. They seem to be trying to use the funding of the military to do it, deploying one of their best hatchet men to do the job.

The National Defense Authorization Act, often referred to by the acronym NDAA, is the name for each of a series of federal laws, usually passed in bipartisan manner, that establish the annual budget and spending of the U.S. Department of Defense. The bill has passed for 60 straight years. 

The bill is hundreds of pages long and is passed every two years and is usually filled with goodies and pet projects requested by members of Congress and the Senate. This year is no different. 

Roll Call reported, “The National Defense Authorization Act is one of the few bills Congress passes without fail each year and, as a result, it’s one of the only reliable vehicles for lawmakers to see their priorities into law.

“Many of the amendments reflect increased anxiety over China’s military capabilities and regional ambitions and include provisions aimed at increasing the United States’ ability to counter China. Several others represent an effort to preempt a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan by strengthening U.S. involvement in defense of the island nation….But the amendments also delve into issues far afield of national security, from chimpanzee relocation to vegetable-based protein.”

Adam Schiff may be using the process for something a little more sinister than studying Impossible Burgers. 

Julie Kelly from American Greatness caught the filed amendment and tweeted: “BREAKING: Schiff files amendment to NDAA that would conceal any info collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations or court proceedings. Massive attempted coverup of enormous proportions and preemptive power grab to prevent GOP oversight next year.

The Amendment reads: “Section 271 of Title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end fo the following new subsection: 

‘(d) Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, any inforamtion obtained by or with the assistance of a member fo the Armed Forces in violation of section 1385 of title 18, shall not be received in evidence in any trial, hearing, or other proceeding in or before any court, grand jury, department, officer, agency, reglatory body, legislative committee, or other authority of the United States, a State, or a political subdivision thereof.’.

Think about what this means: Defense Sec Austin can decline any request for materials related to deadly Afghanistan withdrawal, woke policies, vaccine mandates/injuries, and January 6 among other issues. For example, GOP committees would be prevented from examining the military’s role in the events of January 6 including the use of assets before and on that day as well as the use of intelligence services such as NCIS, which we know were part of the investigatory process. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?”

Kelly takes an expansive approach to guessing what Schiff could be trying to hide, but the most likely target is Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which led to a humanitarian crisis

NBC News recently wrote about letters sent by Republican congressmen and veterans’ groups that are demand investigations and congressional hearings about how the Biden administration conducted the leaving of Afghanistan and the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies from the war-torn country in 2021.

The story highlighted a letter that eight GOP lawmakers on the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, Central Asia, and Nonproliferation sent to the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Gregory Meek, Democrat from Florida. The letter calls for “a thorough investigation into President Biden’s bungled withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country….There remain significant unanswered questions regarding the planning, intelligence, decision making, interagency coordination, aftermath, and consequences of the withdrawal. But one thing is clear, the administration’s talking point that they did the best they could with what they had is transparently false.”  

NBC also pointed to “eighteen veterans’ groups” that joined “the call for an investigation and open hearings with testimony from Biden administration officials. Led by the Special Operations Association of America (SOAA), the groups penned a letter to Meeks and to Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, on Thursday, saying the public ‘deserve[s] a transparent and robust investigation into the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan,’ and ‘the instability that ensued as a result.’ Several groups involved in evacuating people from Afghanistan co-signed the letter, including Task Force Pineapple, Project Exodus Relief and Task Force Argo.”

Schiff has shown the kind of shamelessness and indifference for the truth that makes him the perfect person to propose an amendment blocking Republicans from investigations after the midterms. As The Wall Street Journal noted in May 2020, “Americans expect that politicians will lie, but sometimes the examples are so brazen that they deserve special notice. Newly released Congressional testimony shows that Adam Schiff spread falsehoods shamelessly about Russia and Donald Trump for three years even as his own committee gathered contrary evidence.”

The WSJ editorial board lit into the Congressman from California’s blatant misuse of power: “The House Intelligence Committee last week released 57 transcripts of interviews it conducted in its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. The committee probe started in January 2017 under then-Chair Devin Nunes and concluded in March 2018 with a report finding no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin. Most of the transcripts were ready for release long ago, but Mr. Schiff oddly refused to release them after he became chairman in 2019. He only released them last week when the White House threatened to do it first.”

Schiff’s attempt to cover the tracks of the administration may be an attempt at winning favor from Biden to support his plan to succeed Nancy Pelosi as the next Democratic Speaker of the House. 

The Californian more recently showed blatant hypocrisy and disregard for the law by allowing Stephen Colbert’s television crew to illegally break into the Capitol to harass his Republican colleagues. The late-night television host downplayed the charges, saying, “This was first-degree puppetry. This was hijinks with intent to goof.”

There are two sets of rules: one for Democrats and others for everyone else. 

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