Homes of Two Republicans Attacked On Christmas Day

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An outspoken conservative member of Congress has once again been attacked in her home. On Christmas Day, someone attempted to send a SWAT Team to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s house, a move usually referred to as “swatting,” the act of making a false report to emergency services, typically involving a hoax about a serious incident such as a hostage situation, bomb threat, or other violent crime, with the intent of prompting a large and armed police response, often including SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams.

In a sickening display, a caller allegedly used a crisis hotline for the police department in Rome, Georgia, where Greene’s house is located, to claim that the house needed a SWAT Team to stop a shooting. 

The department said they received multiple calls on the hotline. Greene said this is the eighth time the radical left has targeted her home. 

The [police department] said the address claiming the need for the emergency services pinged to Greene’s address, reported The Hill.

“While en route to the address, personnel with the Rome (GA) Police Department coordinated with Greene’s security detail to ensure her safety as well as determine that there was in fact no emergency at the address,” the spokesperson said.

Swatting incidents have occurred at the controversial Georgia Republican’s home since last year. One happened in August 2022 when a caller claimed a shooting was happening at Greene’s home, and another happened the next day when a caller hinted they may have shot their family. 

The caller from the first incident last August said in a computer-generated voice in a later call to officials that they were upset with Greene’s position on the rights of transgender youth.

Sending SWAT teams to the homes of conservatives has been the go-to move for the Department of Justice as they attempt to, allegedly, intimidate pro-life activists.

Just hours after the attack on Greene, another Republican member of Congress had their home “swatted.” Brandon Williams, a Republican, also had his upstate New York home “swatted” on Christmas.

“The freshman New York Republican, whose House district includes the cities of Syracuse and Utica, added that US Capitol Police and local officers were investigating who called in the false threat that sent five cruisers to his residence,” wrote The New York Post.

“The deputies & troopers were polite, professional, & prompt. God bless them,” Williams said.

Swatting is a dangerous and illegal prank that poses serious risks to the targeted individual, law enforcement officers, and the community. The false reports can lead to unnecessary use of resources, potential harm to innocent people, and a heightened risk of violence or injury during the police response.

Perpetrators of swatting often use various means to conceal their identity, such as using anonymous online services or technologies to make it difficult for law enforcement to trace the false report back to them. Swatting incidents have gained attention due to their potential for harm and the need for law enforcement agencies to develop strategies to address and prevent such incidents. Laws have been enacted in many jurisdictions to criminalize swatting and impose severe penalties on those found guilty of engaging in this dangerous activity.

Radical activists attacking the private homes of those who disagree with them has become more common over the past couple of years. 

In May 2022, with encouragement from the Biden White House, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house was protested by activists following the illegal leaking of a potential Supreme Court decision related to abortion. Eventually, a would-be assassin was arrested outside of his home. 

At the time, a poll showed that nearly half of young, liberal men approved of assassinating members of the Supreme Court. 

More recently, pro-Palestine activists attacked the home of the president of AIPAC, a group that supports Israel. 

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