Liberals In Pentagon ‘Planning’ To Resist Trump

[Air Force Staff Sgt. Brittany A. Chase, DOD, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Liberals have so convinced themselves that Donald Trump intends to “destroy democracy” if he’s elected president that they are making drastic plans in the event the television mogul finds himself in the Oval Office again. 

Writing a breathless headline, NBC News said that “fears grow that Trump will use the military in ‘dictatorial ways’ if he returns to the White House.” 

Without any sense of irony, the outlet essentially said that a group of unelected bureaucrats in the Pentagon intend to effectively launch a coup d’etat against Trump if he wins again. 

Now, bracing for Trump’s potential return, a loose-knit network of public interest groups and lawmakers is quietly devising plans to try to foil any efforts to expand presidential power, which could include pressuring the military to cater to his political needs.

Those taking part in the effort told NBC News they are studying Trump’s past actions and 2024 policy positions so that they will be ready if he wins in November. That involves preparing to take legal action and send letters to Trump appointees spelling out consequences they’d face if they undermine constitutional norms.

“We’re already starting to put together a team to think through the most damaging types of things that he [Trump] might do so that we’re ready to bring lawsuits if we have to,” said Mary McCord, executive director of the Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law.

Part of the aim is to identify like-minded organizations and create a coalition to challenge Trump from day one, those taking part in the discussions said. Some participants are combing through policy papers being crafted for a future conservative administration. They’re also watching the interviews that Trump allies are giving to the press for clues to how a Trump sequel would look.

These four paragraphs describe what is effectively a Pentagon plan to seize control over 

This is not the first time that liberals have argued that the only way to save our democracy is to destroy it. Over the past few months, in the name of “defending democracy,” Democrats in multiple states have moved to remove Trump from the ballot, a radical move they have justified by claiming to follow the 14th Amendment’s banning of “insurrectionists.”

Days before Republicans reclaimed the House in 2022, liberal commentators across the media began pretending that a Republican Speaker would mean the end of American freedom. 

For example, MSNBC historian Michael Beschloss said, “six nights from now, we could all be discussing violence all over this country. There’s signs that may happen, may God forbid, that losers will be declared winners by fraudulent election officers, or secretary of state candidates, or governors, or state legislatures.’

‘We could be six days away from losing our rule of law, and losing a situation where we have elections that we all can rely on. You know, those are the foundation stones of a democracy,” he claimed.  

“Joe Biden is saying the same thing tonight, and a historian 50 years from now – if historians are allowed to write in this country and if they are still free publishing houses and a free press – which I’m not certain of – but if that is true, a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed,” Beschloss continued. 

These predictions exist not because they are likely, as we saw, Republicans could barely handle picking a Speaker of the House, let alone launching some kind of totalitarian government, but because they justify radical actions. 

Joe Biden himself has been the chief purveyor of these conspiracy theories. In September of 2022, backed with ominous red lighting and flanked by Marines, the president declared that anyone who supports Donald Trump is a “semi-fascist,” while later giving a speech that looked straight out of George Orwell’s book, 1984.

Biden has supported the removal of his chief opponent from the ballot in 2024 and deployed SWAT Teams and allegedly the IRS, to attack conservative activists and congressional witnesses. 

But remember, we’re supposed to believe the people “devising plans to try to foil” the duly elected president are the ones really defending democracy. They’re called “Democrats,” after all. 

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