Biden Blame ‘Cheap Fake’ For Falling Polls

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As the general election season approaches, White House officials are dismissing a series of viral videos on social media that have, effectively, merely shown the president in public.

“In just the past couple of weeks,” explained PJ Media, “Joe Biden has racked up a string of embarrassing incidents that have gone viral. His visit to Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day left some believing he had soiled himself. He appeared to freeze during the White House Juneteenth celebration while everyone else around him was dancing. Multiple incidents while he was in Italy for the G7 summit went viral, as did an incident during Biden’s Hollywood fundraiser last week where he froze on stage, prompting Barack Obama to grab his arm and bring him back to reality.

‘They are cheap fakes video,’ White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed this week. ‘They are done in bad faith.’

The White House has clearly settled upon a strategy for handling the slew of videos that already have and will continue to come out between now and Election Day, so you better check out the latest incident that the White House will call a “cheap fake” before they succeed in getting it removed from the internet.

The following video shows Joe Biden slowly lurching along before slowly — and I mean ridiculously slowly — getting into an SUV as a Secret Service agent stands behind him to ensure he gets in the vehicle safely.”

Just as it did with third parties after Robert Kennedy Jr. began polling well, the president’s reelection campaign has reportedly launched a “task force” to attack anyone who posts videos of the president in public that they believe makes him look bad, writes Breitbart.

White House aides have become more sensitive about videos of President Joe Biden and have begun to quarrel with their media allies about the coverage of Biden’s age, gaffes, and videos exposing moments of strange confusion.

The White House invented the term “cheap fakes” after a video on Sunday showed former President Barack Obama walking Biden off stage after the president appeared to freeze at a fundraiser.

The campaign “established a taskforce to mitigate the risks” posed by cheap fakes, a Biden official told Politico’s West Wing Playbook Tuesday evening.

It is also the responsibility of social media companies and media allies to mitigate the impact of the videos, the official stressed.

The problem for liberals is that the videos aren’t particularly edited. For example, CBS showed an alleged “cheap fake” clip before deleting it after it realized they were showing a clip that had been released by the White House showing the president confused.


Another video, also released by the White House that was eventually deemed “a cheap fake,” showed the president appearing to be frozen during a Juneteenth celebration.

The definition appears to be less about the video being edited and more about the general public noticing what’s happening.

The White House isn’t doing itself any favors over the last few weeks, especially in light of the Wall Street Journal report describing Biden’s health as “slipping.” It has fought tooth and nail to prevent the audio from Robert Hur’s interview with the president from being made public, citing the dubious reason of AI, and today announced that the president will disappear for a week to Camp David in order to prepare for his debate with Donald Trump next week.

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