Biden Allegedly Using Schools As Vote Driving Machine For Democrats

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The Democrats have given up on the concept of neutral government, deploying all kinds of federal power in the name of “defending democracy” to help them win elections.

A recent investigation into the Bureau of Indian Education that one such plot involved using school children to register Democrats to vote. A federal network of 183 elementary and secondary schools spread across 64 Indian reservations in 23 states, leaders at the Department of the Interior devised a plan to help use the schools to help push elections towards one party.

The Daily Caller writes that Protect The Public’s Trust uncovered the emails from DOI officials and shared them with the news outlet.

Department of the Interior (DOI) officials in 2022 developed a plan that would have given Native American children attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools voter registration materials to bring home to their parents, internal emails show. Native Americans strongly preferred Democratic House candidates that year, with 56% saying they would cast their ballot for a Democrat compared to the 40% who said they’d vote Republican, according to a poll conducted by the African American Research Collaborative shortly before the midterm elections.

“Department leadership is proposing having BEI send home voter registration cards with students to give to their parents,” BIE team lead Jennifer Wiginton wrote in a February 2022 email.

BIE’s proposed native voter registration plan, according to DOI attorney-advisor Joshua Berg, was formulated to comply with Executive Order 14019, which President Joe Biden issued in March 2021. The order compelled the heads of federal agencies to “evaluate ways in which the agency can, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, promote voter registration and voter participation.”

Berg went into greater detail regarding the proposed voter registration operation, writing in March 2022 that he and his colleagues had “developed a plan to distribute voter registration applications at BIE schools so that school children [could] bring home voter registration applications to their parents and/or guardians.” Under Berg’s plan, the federal government would also have provided “return envelopes with pre-paid postage so that parents and/or guardians [could] mail in their completed voter registration applications directly to the corresponding elections office in their state.”

DOI employees appear to have maintained a list of states to target, and unsurprisingly, they included states such as New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and Kansas, all states that held contentious, close elections in 2022.

“What a coincidence that there is such strong overlap between the states BIE apparently chose to target and those Democrats see Native American turnout as important to their chances of electoral success,” Protect the Public’s Trust director Michael Chamberlain told The Daily Caller “These records show that the worst fears of those who believed this order would be used to help the President and his party were justified.”

This isn’t the first time that Democrats have been caught looking to use the power of government to register groups that would predominantly help them win elections in swing states.

Democrats in Arizona, according to some critics, have launched a move that would ensure that non-citizens can vote in elections for president, thus likely swinging the Canyon State’s crucial 11 Electoral Votes to Joe Biden. 

In Michigan, a judge struck down “guidance” by Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, telling those who help count the votes that they should, in effect, ignore laws using signatures to validate absentee ballots, reported The Michigan Advance.

“The lawsuit was filed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) March 28 in the Court of Claims against Benson, a Democrat, claiming the 2023 guidance, specifically that clerks should initially presume the validity of absentee ballot signatures, was issued “covertly” and was “inconsistent” with Michigan’s constitution.

The opinion issued by Judge Christopher P. Yates, who was appointed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, agreed on that particular point, finding that a presumption of validity was “incompatible” with Michigan’s constitution, despite assurances from Benson’s office that even though the word “presumption” was in the guidance, it didn’t demand election officials conclude it was a requirement.”

The ruling was applauded by RNC Chairman Michael Whatley, who said it confirms that safeguards against using absentee ballots to pursue fraud.

“The Secretary of State’s covert attempts to sidestep these rules were rightfully rejected by the court, exposing that her attacks on election integrity have no substance. This win is just the latest development in our ongoing fight to promote fair and transparent elections in the Great Lakes State,” said Whatley.

Both Arizona and Michigan will be pivotal to the 2024 election in determining who will win the White House.

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