CNN Hosts Get Angry For Being Called Out For Bias

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One of the moderators for the upcoming CNN debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has come under fire recently. A compiled video of Jake Tapper, for example, has revealed as biased against Trump the cable news star has been against Republicans, including cases in which the host compared the former president to Hitler.

It’s not surprising that Tapper dislikes Trump. Like the star of ABC News, George Stephanopoulos, he worked as a Democratic press secretary before becoming a “newsman.”

Why would Trump accept a debate that’s so tilted against him? Mary Rooke at The Daily Caller explains that the former president knows he’s likely walking into a trap but sees it as a no-lose situation for him. Just as CNN insider Chris Cillizza explained last week, Americans understand that the debate rules have been rigged to help Biden in every possible way.

Around 56% of the Issues & Insights poll voters said they either didn’t approve or were unsure of CNN as the network host for the first presidential debate. The polling gets worse when one looks at the debate hosts Tapper and Bash, both longtime critics of Trump and his supporters.

As one of CNN’s top media personalities, Tapper has used his platform to push the Russian collusion hoax and frequently referenced Adolf Hitler when speaking about Trump or his policies. So it’s not shocking that Americans would have such a low opinion of the elite media stooge. Only 30% of voters gave Tapper a positive score, while 75% voted unsure or unfavorable.

Voters are even more unsure of Bash, the polling shows. She has just a 26% favorability rating, with 73% of voters either unsure or downright pessimistic about the CNN personality. This likely has to do with her consistent attacks on Trump and his supporters on her show. Bash even asked Frank Luntz in 2023, “Who are these people?” still wanting to vote for him after “everything that’s going on that happened on January 6.”

While the bar couldn’t be lower for Biden, now he has to contend with the knowledge that Americans know that Trump is walking into a hostile room with moderators prepping on how to take him down for Biden. All the president has to do is speak seemingly coherent phrases, and elite media will praise this as a Biden win.

CNN has been open about its contempt for the Trump campaign over the past few days. Fox News noted that “a visibly miffed CNN host Kasie Hunt abruptly ended her interview with a Trump campaign spokeswoman on Monday after she criticized her colleagues Dana Bash and Jake Tapper as being biased against her boss.”

“That’s why President Trump is knowingly going into a hostile environment on this very network, on CNN, with debate moderators who have made their opinions about him very well known over the past eight years. And their biased coverage of him,” campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt said, previewing the debate on Thursday between Trump and President Biden.

The on-air verbal scuffle left many remembering that Hunt herself has been accused of incredible bias and hatred against Republicans. Kelley Paul, Senator Rand Paul’s wife, pointed out that Hunt celebrated the Kentucky senator having his ribs broken by his neighbor while she worked at MSNBC.  

CNN has a long history of putting its finger on the scales of presidential debates. In 2012, CNN host Candy Crowley infamously saved Barack Obama from being called out for his failure to defend Americans abroad against a terrorist attack. She interjected herself into the conversation while Mitt Romney spoke and incorrectly “fact checked” the GOP nominee, swinging the debate and potentially the election.

The debate will occur on Thursday night at 9 PM Eastern on the cable news channel.

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