White House Continues To Ignore Calls To Slow Illegal Immigration, Pretended To Build The Wall

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The Biden administration is often full of contradictions, but the most glaring continues to be what it says about the ongoing crisis happening at the southern border. 

Throughout his term, Biden has bragged about rolling back many of Trump’s immigration policies. However, as immigration has gotten significantly more problematic for the White House, the president and his Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, have argued that he is helpless to act without Congress passing a bill that would grant amnesty to “the Americans that Democrats care about.” 

Now, members of Congress have revealed that the White House purposely took funds away from building a wall on the southern border, which the president claimed he supported, and instead steered it to “environmental planning.”

The Daily Caller writes

The Biden administration spent taxpayer dollars meant to fund a border wall to pay for “environmental planning,” according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

At the request of Republican Reps. Jack Bergman of Michigan and Jodey Arrington of Texas, the GAO investigated whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) broke the law when it effectively blocked the use of taxpayer dollars to build a wall along the southern border. While GAO’s final report clears the DHS of breaking the law, it confirmed that DHS used congressionally-appropriated funds meant for the wall to pay for “environmental planning” and efforts “to remediate or mitigate environmental damage from past border wall construction.”

Republicans on the House Budget Committee, including Bergman and Arrington, characterized the GAO’s finding as confirmation that the Biden administration has spent taxpayer funds meant to enhance border security to further its environmental agenda. 

Congress previously approved funds for DHS to build a border barrier between fiscal year 2018 and fiscal year 2021, but President Joe Biden and his appointees quickly instituted a new policy whereby “no more American taxpayer dollars (would) be diverted to construct a border wall” upon entering office in 2021. Cabinet secretaries, including DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, were ordered to work together to produce plans for how to shift funds away from border wall construction.

Since 2021, there have been roughly 8 million encounters at the southwest border, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported with nearly 3.3 million people coming to the U.S. illegally in 2023 by being released by the Biden administration or overstaying their visas. 

Biden has become a full-on open-borders liberal over the past couple of years as his liberal staff has seemed to take over many White House decisions.

While major cities cut police funding and beg for help as their services struggle under the millions of illegal immigrants that have entered their “sanctuary” jurisdictions, the White House has begun considering a blanket amnesty for roughly a million undocumented living in the United States. 

The New York Post writes that “the White House is considering granting deportation relief to more than one million people who entered the US illegally before marrying American citizens.

The assist to so-called “mixed-status couples” is seen as another concession to would-be Democratic voters ahead of the Nov. 5 election — and would follow potential executive action by Biden to tighten border security, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The outlet added that administration officials believe any backlash over an amnesty order would be tempered by voter sympathy for the couples.

According to the immigration advocacy group, around 1.1 million illegal immigrants are married to American citizens.

While immigrants who marry Americans typically qualify for green cards, many ‘mixed-status’ couples have one partner who is ineligible for legal permanent residency for various reasons — including entering the US illegally more than once or using forged legal papers.”

Americans have said for months that immigration is the top issue facing the country for the 2024 election for several months. In response, Joe Biden went to Florida to talk about abortion, angering Catholics by crossing himself at an abortion facility as if it his sacred space.

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