House Republicans Investigate Biden Administration Bullying Tactics

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Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, and Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith have had enough of the Biden administration’s alleged protection of Hunter Biden and his despicable tactics of trying to intimidate anyone who calls out his allegedly corrupt behavior.  

On Tuesday, the trio of House chairmen sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Special Counsel David Wiess and U.S. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Daniel Werfel as part of an investigation into reports that the White House had demanded action to protect President Joe Biden and his family from whistleblowers. 

Attacking whistleblowers and witnesses has been part of Hunter Biden’s defense strategy for over a year. Last September, the crown prince of the Biden family filed a lawsuit against whistleblowers at the IRS who alleged that he was receiving a special “sweetheart deal” related to charges related to his taxes.

The deal fell apart when it was made public, eventually slapped down by a liberal judge. 

The Daily Caller reported:

The letters claim that Hunter Biden, the president’s son and a key character in the impeachment inquiry, and his lawyers launched an intimidation campaign against the whistleblowers. The lawmakers demanded that the DOJ tell their respective committees if they are investigating the subjects.

“Retaliation against whistleblowers is unlawful and morally repugnant, and if the Biden administration is doing that to these whistleblowers, there will be hell to pay,” a GOP source with knowledge of the investigation told the Daily Caller in a statement.

The lawmakers continued to ask the DOJ to provide their respective committees with documents and communications relating to an investigation into the whistleblowers, the letter shows. Providing such, the lawmakers state, will ensure that the DOJ is not retaliating against the whistleblowers.

“Any efforts, including those by the Department, to investigate whistleblowers for making lawful disclosures raise serious concerns about the continued weaponization of the federal government. Any and all attempts to intimidate or retaliate against Mr. Shapley and Mr. Ziegler for their protected disclosures to Congress must stop,” the letter continued.

The letter comes as a new allegation of corruption related to Hunter Biden has been alleged. Fox News reported that a whistleblower claims that the CIA intervened to stop the interview with Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” Kevin Morris.

“The whistleblower alleged that the CIA summoned two Justice Department officials to the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, for a briefing regarding Morris. 

The whistleblower claimed that Morris “could not be a witness in the investigation,” according to the House Republicans. 

‘As part of the impeachment inquiry, the Committees are investigating, among other things, whether President Biden ‘abuse[d] his power as President to impede, obstruct, or otherwise hinder investigations or the prosecution of Hunter Biden.’ As background, for years, the IRS and DOJ had been investigating Hunter Biden for tax crimes,’ Jordan and Comer wrote. ‘The Committees have documented how the DOJ deviated from its standard processes to afford preferential treatment to Hunter Biden.’ 

Jordan and Comer were referring to whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler — investigators who served on the IRS team probing Hunter Biden. They testified that DOJ officials ‘deviated’ from the normal process and provided preferential treatment to Hunter Biden.”

Lawfare has been the favorite weapon of Democrats during the Biden years. In 2022, New Conservative Post reported that Hunter and Kevin Morris had plans to sue his critics an an attempt to shut them down.

The Democratic National Committee became so concerned with Hunter’s legal problems that it hired former White House counsel Bob Bauer to protect the president’s son.  

A judge recently slapped down Hunter’s latest attempt to dismiss his charges. CNN reported that “the judge, who was skeptical of Hunter Biden’s arguments at a hearing last week in Los Angeles, rejected eight motions to dismiss in a sweeping 82-page ruling issued Monday.

President Joe Biden’s son has pleaded not guilty to all nine charges. He is accused of repeatedly failing to file and pay his taxes on time and engaging in an illegal tax-evasion scheme by filing false tax returns and cooking the books on his company’s payroll.”

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