Dem Governor Sides With Squatters, Shoplifters

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The satirist H. L. Mencken once said that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

After barely winning her election in 2022, Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs has revealed how true that statement was. The new practice of “squatting,” occupying an “unused” property without the owner’s permission, is on the rise in Democratic strongholds across the country. Some states have begun enacting laws to protect property rights. 

The swing state of Arizona, however, will not be one of them. Hobbs vetoed a bipartisan bill aimed at strengthening the rights of homeowners despite a rise in illegal immigrants planning to pursue the practice.

Fox News writes

The bill, SB 1129, would have permitted a homeowner to request law enforcement to immediately remove a squatter from their property, had the squatter invaded a home and unlawfully claimed a right to live there.

Police, acting on an owner’s affidavit, would have had the permission to immediately go in and have someone evicted.

But Hobbs nixed the bill on Tuesday in a short letter to the president of the State Senate.

“Today I vetoed Senate Bill 1129,” Hobbs wrote. “This bill fails to leverage existing legal mechanisms, respect the due process rights of lawful tenants, and minimize unintended consequences such as for victims of domestic violence.”

The Democratic governor did not explain her reasoning, which likely included something to the effect of “my voting base supports squatting so I had no choice.” 

The liberal leader of the Grand Canyon State wasn’t done, however. She also voted for several other common-sense bills, such as one that punished organized shoplifting, prevented out-of-state college students from voting in the upcoming election, and provided single-stall showers in public locker rooms for anyone who felt uncomfortable showering with those of the opposite biological gender. 

The last revolved around the rising occurrence of biological males showering with girls in high school. 

The bill was drafted by Senator John Kavanagh. Last year, the senator passed a bill that said that a public school must provide a reasonable accommodation to any person who is, for any reason, unwilling or unable to use a multi-occupant restroom or changing facility designed for their sex.

That was defined to include any single-occupancy or employee restroom or changing facility. It precluded any facility designed for use by individuals of the opposite sex ‘while persons of the opposite sex are or could be present.’’

Hobbs vetoed that last year, calling it ‘yet another discriminatory act against LBGBTQ+ youth.’’

So Kavanagh was back this year with Senate Bill 1182, which narrowed the scope of the law to showers, defining sex “as determined by anatomy, physiology, genetics and hormones existing at the time of the person’s birth.’’

‘It is inappropriate for a 15-year-old female high school co-ed to have to stand next to a 20-year-old biological male who identifies as female in the same shower,’’ Kavanagh said during the Senate vote,” according to

Hobbs used the veto pen again because it “attacks Arizonans.” 

Katie Hobbs narrowly defeated Trump favorite Kari Lake in the 2022 election, winning by less than 17,000 votes. Lake initially claimed she lost due to voter fraud and challenged the election. She later lost her lawsuit and is now the Republican frontrunner in the state’s Senate election. 

Lake will face Ruben Gallego, a progressive Democratic member of Congress who chased the current incumbent, the more moderate Kyrsten Sinema, from the Democratic Party.

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