Biden May Have One Play Left

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It’s been a rough month for Biden. His own Department of Justice called him senile. He’s had to deal with growing unpopularity coming from the Left due to his standing with Israel. And, most of the country has come to see his handling of the border crisis as an unmitigated disaster. 

With the election less than a year away, the president and his team have become desperate to reverse course. The Daily Caller reported that “Trump posted his largest lead against Biden, ahead by 4.3 points on Jan. 26, according to the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average. Biden hasn’t led Trump in the RCP average since September 2023.

At least 76% of American voters have concerns about Biden’s age and health going into the 2024 election, according to a Feb. 6 NBC poll. Fifty-four percent of Democrats are worried about Biden’s fitness for a second term, the same poll showed.

‘I think that [Biden’s] health and age kind of get in the way of his ability to be a good president of the United States,; a female Democratic poll respondent from Wisconsin, who voted for Biden in 2020, told NBC News.”

All eyes from Team Biden appear to be focused on the upcoming State of the Union as his last chance to turn things around.

Biden’s SOTU address played well last year — he seemed agile and riffed about the GOP and Social Security. Officials close to him, needing a repeat triumph, will spend hours on everything from the text to his physical preparation to exploit the prime-time moment, according to Axios

“Everyone around him is well aware — well aware — of the need to jack this campaign up,” a source close to Biden said. “The only way to deal with the negative aftershocks of the special counsel’s report [slamming Biden’s age] is for the president to be out there, to be visible — to be strong of presence and strong of voice.”

One bold move that Biden has considered, we’re told, is an executive order that would dramatically stanch the record flow of migrants into the Southwest. This could even happen in the two weeks before the address, allowing Biden to say he took action while Republicans just talk.

Inside Biden’s campaign, there’s a belief that things are turning around — internal morale is up. But even some super-loyalists have lingering worries that it’s all happening too slowly — and could be too late.

According to Nate Silver, the pollster, the ones who are worrying are in the right. “Political commentator and elections analyst Nate Silver is sounding the alarm about President Joe Biden’s chances of winning reelection, writing in a Substack post that Biden is “losing” and appears to have no clear plan to right the ship,” writes Mediate.

“While Silver believes that Biden was “a reasonably clear favorite” a year ago, he now believes that he’s “probably the underdog” due to his poor approval rating, dearth of “contingencies that could improves his situation,” as well as public perception of his age and abilities.

The FiveThirtyEight founder went on to argued that if Biden won’t run a “normal” campaign during which he would accept interview requests and other high-profile opportunities to improve his situation, he should step aside.

According to Silver, Biden could drop out of the race and allow Democrats to pick their nominee at their convention in August. ‘If the past couple of weeks are any evidence, it might nevertheless be Democrats’ best option for beating Trump,’ he wrote. But failing that, his prescription for the Biden campaign is to complete four challenging interviews over the course of the next few weeks.”

Not everyone in the Democratic Party believes the White House should be putting everything into the State of the Union and a few even fear that the president is not taking Trump’s challenge seriously. Fox News recently claimed that the Biden White House has gotten sick of “bed-wetting” from party leaders who fear that the president will lose in the fall. 

“CNN reported on Sunday that Vice President Harris has been meeting with leading Democrats for some guidance on the Biden-Harris reelection effort as some members of the party who are concerned about their chances have been feeling ‘sloughed off’ by the White House and the president’s campaign. 

‘The bed-wetting complaints are running thin with people,’ one person who attended a meeting with Harris told the media outlet, referring to Democrat anxiety over the 2024 election. ‘The West Wing and the campaign need to be better.'”

CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere explained his reporting on Monday and said Democrats felt like Biden’s inner circle was brushing them off.

‘That is from, reflecting this idea that people feel like when they say that things aren‘t going great for the Biden campaign, the campaign and the inner circle, Biden advisers tend to brush them off,’ he said Monday during ‘CNN This Morning.'”

Biden’s State of the Union address is scheduled for March 7, 2024. 

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