Angry Biden Blames Garland For His Troubles

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Joe Biden, if you couldn’t tell from his unhinged press conference earlier in the week, is furious that his own Department of Justice declared that he is too senile to be charged for crimes. What has especially made our elderly president upset has been the fact that the GOP frontrunner, just four years his junior, has been indicted for the same crimes. 

Axios reported that “the president learned early this week that Hur’s report was coming, and it was always Biden’s plan to address the report head-on — and answer questions from reporters, aides say.

Earlier in the week, Biden’s private attorneys had briefed him on the report’s contents, but the timing of its release wasn’t fully set.

At the retreat, in private conversations and in public comments, Biden’s anger began to boil over.

He returned to the White House before 6pm and addressed reporters — and the nation — two hours later.”

During his angry press conference, Biden was infuriated about the claims that he could not remember when his son Beau died. However, the president has routinely, and falsely, claimed that he died in Iraq when he really died from brain cancer in 2015. 

He’s taking his anger out on one man: Merrick Garland, his attorney general. 

New reports out of the White House have confirmed something that everyone already suspected: Joe Biden believes his family should receive special treatment and he expects the DOJ to go after Donald Trump in order to impact the upcoming presidential election. 

Politico writes that Joe Biden has told aides and outside advisers that Attorney General Merrick Garland did not do enough to rein in a special counsel report stating that the president had diminished mental faculties, according to two people close to the president, as White House frustration with the head of the Justice Department grows.

Biden and his closest advisers believe Hur went well beyond his purview and was gratuitous and misleading in his descriptions, according to those two people, who were granted anonymity to speak freely. And they put part of the blame on Garland, who they say should have demanded edits to Hur’s report, including around the descriptions of Biden’s faltering memory.

In White House meetings, aides have questioned why Garland felt the need to appoint a special counsel in the first place, though Biden has publicly said he supported the decision.

While Biden himself has not weighed in on Garland’s future, most of the president’s senior advisers do not believe that the attorney general would remain in his post for a possible second term, according to the two people.

“This has been building for a while,” said one of those people. “No one is happy”

The outlet also noted that Biden has been angered that Garland won’t move faster to take out Donald Trump. “In recent weeks, President Biden has grumbled to aides and advisers that had Garland moved sooner in his investigation into former President Donald Trump’s election interference, a trial may already be underway or even have concluded, according to two people granted anonymity to discuss private matters. That trial still could take place before the election and much of the delay is owed not to Garland but to deliberate resistance put up by the former president and his team.”

So much for restoring “impartial justice.”

This isn’t the first time that Biden has been furious at Garland for not interfering on behalf of a personal matter. Last fall, reports out of the White House pointed to the president being furious that the attorney general would not give Hunter Biden special privilege. 

“Respect and admiration among White House aides for Garland, a longtime federal appeals-court judge chosen to underscore the independence of the Justice Department, has shifted for some into resignation and distrust. They point to Garland having appointed not just a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump, but two others as well: one looking into Biden and another probing his son, Hunter Biden. On Thursday, the latter indicted the younger Biden on gun charges,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Some Biden aides have said they see Garland’s handling of the inquiries into the Biden family as driven less by a dispassionate pursuit of justice than by a punctilious desire to give the appearance that sensitive investigations are walled off from political pressure, people familiar with the matter say.”

Biden’s allies have tried to rally around the president, insisting that a guy who claims to have talked to dead people, could not remember the name of Hamas, and confused Egypt with Mexico is as sharp as a tack.

“I am absolutely confident based on [Biden’s] incredible record of success for the country, that he is the right person to lead the country for another four years,” Chris Van Hollen, the Democratic senator from Maryland, told The Financial Times.

Vice President Kamala Harris called the special counsel’s comments about Biden’s memory “gratuitous, inaccurate and inappropriate.”

The actions of the White House ever speaks louder than words. An eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed that Biden’s communications team “unlisted” the video of Biden’s recent press conference, a move that makes it harder to find on the web. 

They also turned the comments off. 

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