Penn President Resigns, Harvard President Accused Of Plagiarism

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After a disastrous testimony in front of Congress last week in which they refused to condemn calls for the genocide of Israel, three presidents from MIT, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania have faced calls to resign. 

Now, after facing heavy internal pressure from other university leaders and donors, one has been oustered, and she’s probably Joe Biden’s favorite university president.  

NBC News writes

The University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigned from her post Saturday after facing intense criticism from the White House, lawmakers and alumni for appearing to dodge a question at a congressional hearing on campus antisemitism.

“I write to share that President Liz Magill has voluntarily tendered her resignation as President of the University of Pennsylvania,” Scott L. Bok, the chair of the Penn Board of Trustees, wrote in a message to the Penn community Saturday. “She will remain a tenured faculty member at Penn Carey Law.”

Shortly after Bok announced Magill’s resignation, he announced he would also step down from his position, according to a statement published by the Daily Pennsylvanian student newspaper. “I concluded that, for me, now was the right time to depart,” Bok said in the statement.

A university spokesman confirmed Bok’s resignation.

Penn, which gave Joe Biden $400,000 for essentially a no-show job following his stint as vice president, has been particularly struck by rampant antisemitism on campus. 

The presidents of Harvard and MIT joined McGill in testifying before the House of Representatives earlier in the week, a showing that appalled much of the nation by all three presidents refusing to condemn calls for genocide against Jews. 

Washington Examiner Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon recently explained why the testimony revealed something dangerous for the American public.  

The Examiner noted that “Gurdon appeared on Fox Report Weekend Sunday to react to the news of University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigning from her position after fallout from her congressional testimony. Magill was joined by Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth and Harvard President Claudine Gay, who also received calls to resign.

‘The truth is that to talk about [Magill’s] personal antisemitism misses the point. The university is corrupted and corroded because it is steeped in the ideology which she embodies and which she expressed,’ Gurdon said.

‘She was asked a straightforward question: Does — do calls for genocide and the elimination of the Jews and of Israel contravene your code of conduct at the university. And she wriggled and squirmed and didn’t answer and just talked about context.’

‘The truth is that these universities will persecute speech that they do not like such as, for example, misgendering someone, using the wrong pronouns, etc., and then they will give a pass to people who actually call for the elimination of a people,’ Gurdon went on.”

Gurdon wasn’t alone in praising McGill’s resignation. Elise Stefanik tweeted. 

The news of McGill’s resignation at Penn was quickly followed by a new scandal brewing related to Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay. After reviewing her work, education activist Christopher Rufo claims that the Harvard president is a plagiarist, one of the biggest “crimes” an academic can do. 

The Tennessee Star reports that “Dr. Carol M. Swain has responded to alleged documentation obtained by writer and political activist Christopher Rufo accusing Harvard University President Claudine Gay of plagiarizing ‘multiple sections’ of her Ph.D. thesis from 1997.

Rufo accuses Gay of plagiarizing her thesis by pulling material written by scholar Swain as well as material written by Lawrence Bobo and Franklin Gilliam, Richard Shingles, Susan Howell, and Deborah Fagan.

‘Gay’s use of Swain’s material is a straightforward violation of the university’s rules, which state that one ‘must give credit to the author of the source material, either by placing the source material in quotation marks and providing a clear citation, or by paraphrasing the source material and providing a clear citation’— neither of which Gay followed,’ Rufo wrote on X.

Swain responded to Rufo’s thread on Gay’s thesis, writing on X, ‘I just learned of @realchrisrufo analysis of #ClaudineGay’s work and the allegations of plagiarism. I have not read the articles or books in question. However, two things come to mind: imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery and secondly Dr. Gay’s committee, reviewers, and colleagues should have caught these transgressions. I will issue a statement after I have more information. Right now it seem like she is a victim of the ‘Adversity of Diversity.’”

Gay’s plagiarism, if true, would be a major violation of Harvard’s policy.

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