The Swamp Is Panicking Over Donald Trump’s Return

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Many supporters of Donald Trump will tell you that the way Washington hates the former president is a feature rather than a bug of his campaign. In 2020, for example, Trump only received 5 percent of the vote in the nation’s capital, and in 2024, Washington D.C. was the only primary in which the former president lost. 

Despite every attempt by Washington insiders to undermine his campaign, though, Trump appears to only be getting stronger. 

That’s making the right people nervous.

The New York Times writes that the liberal Beltway Crowd inside the nation’s capital has begun fretting about the return of Trump to the White House. 

Portugal, says a former member of Congress. Australia, says a former agency director. Canada, says a Biden administration official. France, says a liberal columnist. Poland, says a former investigator.

They’re joking. Sort of. At least in most cases. It’s a gallows humor with a dark edge. Much of official Washington is bracing for the possibility that former President Donald J. Trump really could return — this time with “retribution” as his avowed mission, the discussion is where people might go into a sort of self-imposed exile.

Whether they mean it or not, the buzz is a telling indicator of the grim mood among many in the nation’s capital these days. The “what if” goes beyond the normal prospect of a side unhappy about a lost election. It speaks to the nervousness about a would-be president who talks of being a dictator for a day, who vows to “root out” enemies he called “vermin,” who threatens to prosecute adversaries, who suggests a general he deems disloyal deserves “DEATH,” whose lawyers say he may have immunity even if he orders the assassination of political rivals.

“I feel like in the past two weeks that conversation for whatever reason has just surged,” said Miles Taylor, a former Trump administration official who became a vocal critic of the former president. “People are feeling that it’s very obvious if a second Trump term happens, it’s going to be slash and burn.”

The Swamp is getting restless about the chances that its leader maintaining the White House this fall. Earlier in the month, to put them at ease, Joe Biden took steps to make it more difficult for his predecessors to reform the massive, undemocratic bloat in the federal government. 

Politico reported in April that Biden has implemented a “plan to restrict presidents from unilaterally nixing civil service protections from large swaths of the federal workforce, as former President Donald Trump renews his vow to uproot a perceived “deep state” if he is returned to the White House.

While a future president could take steps to squelch the new directive, it reflects a larger effort by the Biden administration to put a protective wall around its policies.

Under a final rule issued by the Office of Personnel Management, employees whose jobs include civil service protections would not lose them if their position is converted to an exempt category. However, they could choose to waive that security or voluntarily move to a role that serves at the will of the president — typically highly coveted positions toward the top of an agency’s org chart.

The regulations also establish several procedural hurdles for an administration to clear if it wants to shift jobs between categories. Federal workers who believe they are being stripped of their protections could challenge the move with the independent Merit Systems Protection Board.”

Biden has received over 60 percent of political donations from government employees. The Daily Caller reported that “Federal employees donated almost $200,000 to Biden’s campaign fundraising arms, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee between January and November 2023. Conversely, federal employees only donated a little over half of that sum, about $116,000, to former President Donald Trump’s campaign committees, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee during that same period.

The DCNF’s findings are likely a significant undercount of total donations as not all people who donate to political campaigns list their employers, and some federal employees may list their employers as subdivisions of cabinet-level agencies not captured in the search of FEC records.”

Nothing may epitomize the growing hysteria coming from the Swamp more than longtime congresswoman Maxine Waters and her recent insane statements made during an interview on MSNBC. 

Waters had previously held a rally with her supporters telling them to harass former Trump officials: 

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