Biden Caught In Another ‘Pay To Play’ Scheme

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Joe Biden is caught in yet another pay-to-play scandal, this time involving a billionaire donor who appears to have purchased a plum appointment to oversee one of the nation’s most important transportation centers.

Fox News reports the details of the latest Biden scheme to reward his biggest donors.  

The president tapped Samuel Slater in 2021 to serve on the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, a body overseeing the Ronald Reagan Washington National and Dulles International airports in Virginia, though the real estate mogul’s nomination stalled in the Senate Commerce Committee, and Biden renominated him earlier this year. In a November hearing, Slater said he was “passionate and excited about the opportunity to serve on MWAA’s Board.” 

“I am excited about this opportunity to serve and believe the depth of my private sector experience will be a benefit to the Authority,” Slater remarked during his confirmation hearing in November. “In addition to safety, MWAA’s primary objectives are to plan, provide and actively manage world-class facilities and access to the global aviation system in a way that anticipates and serves the needs of the National Capital region.”

“The diversity of my professional experiences requires me to be similarly focused on consumer needs and desires, from the needs of residential, commercial and retail tenants, to the public consumer experience within sport, media and live entertainment,” he continued. “Throughout these activities, I continually engage with the end-user perspective and study how to improve customer enjoyment and satisfaction with a service.”

Slater is a billionaire who owns a large real estate portfolio, the Seattle Kraken NHL team, and has made millions producing movies in Hollywood. 

A watchdog group said that the appointment from the White House amounts to typical political corruption. Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation, explained, “This is as swampy as it gets. Biden is rewarding a billionaire donor who flies around the world in his private jet by giving him a government job for which he’s completely unqualified.”

“This is everything the American people hate about how Washington, D.C., operates,” Jones continued. “It is an absolute disgrace. We hope the U.S. Senate will not go along with this and restore honest, good government to our Capitol.”

The Washington Examiner writes that “the donations, coupled with Slater’s large cash transfers to the Democratic National Committee, are likely to lead to further questions about Slater’s nomination among Republicans in Congress. Slater was also on the 2020 Biden campaign’s national finance committee and served as a ‘bundler’ for Biden, which is someone who helps organize and gather donations from other people, according to OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan elections tracker.

A cohort of left-leaning watchdogs notably sent a letter to 2024 presidential campaigns in October, calling for them to report information about their bundlers. The organizations said that ‘accountability depends on transparency in our campaign finance system.'”

This is not the first time that Biden has rewarded some of his biggest donors with appointments. In July 2022, Joe Biden announced Hirsh Naftali’s appointment to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. She is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors who also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying Hunter Biden’s “art.”

Following the kidnapping of dozens of Americans during the Hamas attacks against Israel in October, Naftali appeared to be rewarded for her generosity to the Biden Family by the White House when the administration negotiated that her niece would be one of the few Americans released by the terrorist organization.  

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