Relative Of Only American Hostage Released by Hamas Bought Hunter’s Artwork

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Money talks, especially with the Bidens. In yet another stunning “coincidence” with this current White House, it appears that a purchaser of Hunter Biden’s “artwork” leveraged her connections with the president to get a family member freed from Hamas. 

So far, the donor’s niece is the only American that has been released by the terrorist organization following the attack against Israel on October 7. revealed the details and it is sickening to consider that a president could stoop so low, leveraging a tragedy to help out a “customer” of his son.

The American kidnap victim released by the terrorist group Hamas during its ongoing ceasefire with Israel is a great-niece of Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a major Democratic party donor who paid handsomely for Hunter Biden’s art and won an appointment to a plum cultural post from President Biden.

Hirsh Naftali had publicly advocated in a series of nationally televised interviews for the release of her 4-year-old grandniece, Abigail Mor Idan, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen whose parents were murdered by marauding jihadists in southern Israel on Oct. 7. She is the only American thus far among the 61 mostly women and children exchanged for Palestinian Arab prisoners in a fragile negotiated truce.

While noting that the Biden administration has worked with Qatari and Egyptian mediators to free all the hostages, a senior administration official told RealClearInvestigations that “U.S. officials insisted that Abigail be included on an early list as well as the other two Americans in this category [of women and children].”

“The President raised Abigail in nearly all of his phone calls with counterparts as well as with the Amir of Qatar on Saturday,” the official said, adding that “U.S. officials have also remained in close touch with Abigail’s family members including those the President spoke with on Sunday,” the day Abigail was returned to Israel.

Abigail has been through a horrifying ordeal. Hamas killed both of her parents during the attacks on Israel. She was kidnapped and taken to the Palestinian enclave during the deadly rampage along with an estimated 240 others, according to Israeli officials. 

According to estimates, at least nine Americans are still being held by Hamas. 

Hirsch has been particularly generous to the Biden Family. 

Over the summer, Business Insider wrote, “On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden pledged that there would be an “absolute wall” between his official duties and his family’s private business interests. The Biden White House repeatedly made reference to that wall when responding to questions about the fledgling art career of Hunter Biden, the president’s son. In 2021, when a New York art gallery debuted Hunter Biden’s paintings with asking prices as high as $500,000, the White House said that his team had a process for carefully vetting buyers, and that their identities were known only to the gallery, and not to Hunter Biden himself. The messaging seemed to suggest that his art patrons came from a rarified universe of collectors who had nothing to do with the hurly-burly of politics. 

Neither of those things has turned out to be the case. Hunter Biden did, in fact, learn the identity of two buyers, according to three people directly familiar with his own account of his art career. And one of those buyers is indeed someone who got a favor from the Biden White House. The timing of their purchase, however, is unknown.

That buyer, Insider can reveal, is Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a Los Angeles real-estate investor and philanthropist. Hirsh Naftali is influential in California Democratic circles and a significant Democratic donor who has given $13,414 to the Biden campaign and $29,700 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this year. In 2022, she hosted a fundraiser headlined by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Insider also obtained internal documents from Hunter Biden’s gallery showing that a single buyer purchased $875,000 worth of his art. The documents do not indicate the buyer’s identity, which is also unknown to Insider at this time.”

Having the president directly intervene to prioritize her family in hostage negotiations was likely just an added perk the White House was giving to a “friend.” House investigators have been looking into the role that Naftali’s purchases played in helping her land a coveted presidential appointment. 

In July, the president appointed Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. During her the announcement of her new position, the White House stated that she runs and owns a commercial real estate company in Los Angeles’ Fashion District, leaving out her impeccable taste in art. 

After pressure from the Left, Biden has been changing his tune on whether Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorism. On Tuesday evening, he called for a ceasefire, offering a nonsensical statement that fighting a war against Hamas to disable them was exactly what the terrorist group wanted.  

Media outlets all over have noted the rise in the Anti-Israel Left over the past two months. Earlier in the week, however, the City of Oakland, California, offered a perfect example of the type of people gaining currency in the White House. 

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