Joe Biden A No Show As Afghanistan Weapons Used By Hamas, Americans Held Hostage

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Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to reap terrible results on the world, and this time, it seems that innocent civilians are the ones who paid the price. 

In April 2022, CNN reported that “approximately $7 billion of military equipment the U.S. transferred to the Afghan government over the course of 16 years was left behind in Afghanistan after the U.S. completed its withdrawal from the country in August…This equipment is now in a country that is controlled by the very enemy the U.S. was trying to drive out over the past two decades: the Taliban. The Defense Department has no plans to return to Afghanistan to ‘retrieve or destroy’ the equipment, reads the report, which has been provided to Congress.”

Now, it appears that some of those weapons were used in the massacre in Israel over the weekend and President Biden has not yet even made a public appearance to discuss what has happened and how America will respond.

Maybe this is why Adam Schiff used the National Defense Authorization Act to cover Biden’s tracks in Afghanistan before Republicans took over the House in 2023. 

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Sunday asked where Hamas get the US-made weapons. She alleged the weapons could be coming from Afghanistan, where the U.S. left a huge arsenal when it hastily pulled out in August 2021, or Ukraine, where America is currently sending weapons to fight against Russian invasion.

“We need to work with Israel to track serial numbers on any U.S. weapons used by Hamas against Israel. Did they come from Afghanistan? Did they come from Ukraine? Highly likely the answer is both,” the congresswoman wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

While there was evidence to confirm Greene’s allegations, Russia Today claimed that a video message from a Hamas terrorist thanking Ukraine for the weapons was doing rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the ongoing conflict in Israel crossed 1100 on Monday, with over 700 reported killed in Israel and around 400 people in the Gaza Strip. Thousands are left injured.

The allegation from the Republican congresswoman was confirmed by a high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander who “said U.S. weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip,” according to reports.

Taking into account the Fog of War and the potential for propaganda to be easily spread online, it was also reported that the terrorist group that Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan to, the Taliban, has announced a willingness to join the fight against Israel. 

Belarusian news agency NEXTA tweeted: “Russia’s allies, the Taliban terrorist organization, supported Hamas: ‘If the Muslim countries neighboring Israel grant us the right of passage, we will conquer Jerusalem.'”

Republicans in Congress appeared to agree. The New York Post reported that “other Mideast terror groups such as the Taliban and Hezbollah may join the current Palestinian attack on Israel, warned House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul on Sunday.

When asked about whether the war between the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and Israel that broke out Saturday could devolve into a “full blown war,” McCaul (R-Texas) said he was worried.

‘I’ve seen indications that the Taliban wants to come to liberate Jerusalem, in their words, to fight the Zionists. That’s very concerning,’ McCaul told CNN’s ‘State of the Union.’”

The situation in Israel has continued to worsen over the past few days. As the nation responds to the largest attack in decades, Hamas has announced that they intend to start murdering hostages, some of whom are Americans. 

This is not the first time in the past few days that Hamas has executed captured civilians. CNN reported that “at least four civilians were killed while in the custody of Hamas, just feet from where armed militants had been escorting them near the Gaza border, videos obtained and geolocated by CNN show.

One video from the kibbutz of Be’eri in southern Israel showed armed fighters with burned cars and a bulldozer in the background. Toward the end of the video, which was released on a Hamas-affiliated Telegram channel, four bodies can be seen on the ground.

Another video previously geolocated by CNN showed five Israeli civilians taken captive by armed militants in nearly the same spot.

A CNN analysis of the videos determined that the bodies, and the individuals being escorted by heavily armed militants, had matching clothes and hairstyles.”

In response to world becoming destabilized with a larger war breaking out, our ally responding to a major attack that left women and children murdered, and the possibility that American hostages could be executed at any moment, the president called it a day at around noon today.

The death or capture of Americans who are not good at basketball overseas may just not interest this president: 

After some blowback, staffers at the White House did take time to write up a press release, though.

No one has explained why President Biden has not made an appearance to discuss the matter.

The White House did find time, however, to take on the important issue of fees that airlines and concert venues charge, however. 

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