Comer Tells DOJ To Hold Hunter Indictments Until He Drops The Hammer

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It looks like it’s going from bad to worse for Hunter Biden. Last week reports came out showing that he and the White House were fighting over how best to defend the First Son from the several investigations, many of them criminal, into his various schemes to allegedly leverage his father’s positions to receive huge sums of cash from foreign entities.  

It now appears that James Comer has the goods on the Crown Prince of the Biden (Crime?) Family. The Kentuckian and chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee said on Sunday that he has asked the Department of Justice to delay indicting Hunter Biden on charges that he believes may just be “a slap on the wrist” until after he reveals bank records showing that the Bidens were involved in a “pay-to-play” scheme. 

He joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News and said, “My message to the Department of Justice is very loud and clear. Do not indict Hunter Biden before Wednesday.”

“When you have the opportunity to see the evidence that the House Oversight Committee will produce with respect to the web of LLCs, with respect to the number of adversarial countries that this family influence peddled in, and this is not just about the president’s son. This is about the entire Biden family, including the President of the United States. So we believe there are a whole lot of tips that the IRS and the DOJ don’t know about because we don’t believe they’ve done a whole lot of digging in this, and we have.”

He continued, “By all accounts from the media reports that we’re getting, what they’re looking at charging Hunter Biden on is a slap on the wrist. It’s a drop in the bucket,” he continued. “So Wednesday will be a very big day for the American people in getting the facts presented to them so that they can know the truth, and then the Department of Justice can finally do what they should have done years ago.”

“We’re going to present to the American people all the information that we’ve received thus far pertaining to bank records. We’re going to disclose many of the different LLCs, many of the different transactions that all these different Biden family members have gotten from our adversaries around the world,” he said. “We don’t believe this was just a coincidence that all these Biden family members were receiving money from these this Web of LLC into their personal bag.”

“We believe this was done in exchange for something that then-Vice President Biden and now President Biden would have done. So this whistleblower is going to provide some very crucial information to our investigation. And we’ve given the FBI until May the 10th to produce this document, so the ball is in the FBI’s court with respect to this whistleblower.”

Comer has been talking a big game over the past few weeks. He recently claimed that the FBI has proof that Joe Biden took a bribe while serving as vice president. 

NCP reported, “The whistleblower’s tip might be the smoking gun that the House Oversight Committee has believed existed. It may very well expose Joe Biden’s role in his family’s influence-peddling ventures, including working with countries like China, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.

Biden has sent billions of taxpayer dollars with little oversight to Ukraine during its war with Russia. 

USA Today noted, “With more than $100 billion in U.S. weaponry and financial aid flowing to Ukraine in less than a year – and more on the way to counter Russia’s invasion – concerns about arms falling into terrorists’ hands and dollars into corrupt officials’ pockets are mounting.

The special inspector general who has overseen aid to Afghanistan since 2012, and some House Republicans, warn of the need for closer oversight of the military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The scale of the effort is massive. The $113 billion appropriated by Congress in 2022 approaches the $146 billion spent in 20 years for military and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, though the cost of sending U.S. troops there was far higher.

‘When you spend so much money so quickly, with so little oversight, you’re going to have fraud, waste and abuse,’ John Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said in an interview. ‘Massive amounts.'”

Last December, Democrats claimed that criticism of the funding to Ukraine should be considered “Russian propaganda.” 

Calling things Russian propaganda has become a favorite of the Bidens. During the 2020 campaign, the president’s campaign deployed former CIA officials to gin up the idea that the laptop that sparked the various investigations into Hunter Biden’s wrongdoings and influence peddling was “Russian disinformation.”

That, of course, has been widely disproven, and on Wednesday, if James Comer is speaking the truth, it will likely fall apart entirely. 

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