Biden Cabinet Member Floats The Idea Of Ignoring A Court Ruling

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Calvinball is a game invented by Calvin and Hobbes in the comic strip of the same name. There is only one rule: no two games can be alike.

The rulebook goes like this: “Rules cannot be used twice (except for the rule that rules cannot be used twice), and any plays made in one game may not be made again in any future games. The game may involve wickets, mallets, volleyballs, and additional sports-related equipment.’

While a fun thought in the Sunday funnies. Calvinball rules do not lead to good government and create toxic politics, but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to change the rules of the game once they have the ball. 

Throughout the Trump presidency, Democrats in Congress and their liberal allies in their media were in a constant state of panic. They constantly spoke about “norms” and how we needed to “respect” our democratic institutions, such as when a random judge in Hawaii issued a national injunction in 2017 blocking the administration’s travel ban. 

Now that Joe Biden is president, Democrats have revealed that all the talk about “our democracy” and our sacred institutional norms have been thrown out the window. 

Democrats are the Calvinball Party, especially when it comes to the thing they care most about—abortion. 

Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra recently suggested that the Biden White House is preparing to ignore judicial rulings that they don’t like. 

In Liberalball, there’s only one rule: You have to play by the rules liberals demand, while liberals can make things up as they go along. 

Fox News writes that “in a controversial ruling, Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk issued an injunction against the FDA’s approval of mifepristone as a lawsuit contesting the drug’s safety and approval proceeds through federal court. Politicians such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., condemned the decision, warning that it “could throw our country into chaos.”

According to the Food and Drug Administration, mifepristone is used with another medication called misoprostol to end a pregnancy that has been developing for less than 70 days. The drug works by blocking progesterone, an essential hormone for a pregnancy to continue.

“My next guest, Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, thinks that the FDA should just ignore the Texas judge’s ruling. And you know she’s not alone,” Bash said. “I’m sure you have seen some legal experts argued the FDA does have broad discretion to simply choose not to enforce a ban and allow the drug to remain on the market. So, yes or no, as the HHS secretary, do you want the FDA to enforce the Texas ruling if it is upheld in the short term?”

After Becerra initially suggested the worst case scenario for the pill’s supporters is improbable, Bash asked further, “But are you taking it off the table that you will recommend the FDA ignore a ban?”

“Everything is on the table,” Becerra replied. “The president said that way back when the Dobbs decision came out. Every option is on the table.”

The media loves to play Liberalball  and went immediately to work to try to justify the new rules being set up by the White House. The Washington Post, for example, sent a reporter to dig up dirt on the Texas judge, scouring the social media of family members to point to bias (as if there was no bias in the several injunctions by low-level judges during the previous administration). 

Reporter Caroline Kitchener wrote, “When Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk was a young father, his wife captured much of their daily life on a parenting blog that highlighted the family’s strong antiabortion beliefs.

One photo showed one of their children, a toddler, in a T-shirt that read “I survived Roe v. Wade.”

“As you might guess, Matt LOVES this shirt,” Kacsmaryk’s wife wrote in January 2009, referring to her husband. “I put it on her today not even realizing that today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.”

Now, 14 years later, as a 45-year-old federal judge in Amarillo, Tex., Kacsmaryk lives in the same antiabortion world he has inhabited his entire adult life, surrounded by friends and family who abhor the procedure, while holding the same views himself, as The Washington Post reported in February. Those perspectives, rooted in deeply held Christian beliefs, have swirled around him over the past five months as he deliberated whether to revoke government approval of a key abortion drug — a decision with nationwide implications that some close to him felt he was destined to make.”

For Kitchener, Christians apparently cannot be judges. That violates the latest and new rule of Liberalball: judges must only exert their power when it validates liberal points of view. 

Those are the rules.

Everyone else is just supposed to go along. 

Having fun yet?

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