Michelle Obama Appalled By Hunter Treatment Of Her Friend, It Could Cost Joe Everything

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Early in June, Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, testified against her former husband, showing him as a liar who manipulated people for personal gain.

Axios noted that the felony trial was “the latest painful episode for President Biden’s ex-daughter-in-law, who was largely exiled from the Bidens as they rallied around Hunter, her former husband.

The Bidens’ relationship with Buhle has further soured during their time in the White House. Joe and Jill Biden circled the wagons around Hunter as he got sober and started a new family, according to six people familiar with the dynamics.

Buhle somberly recounted a series of embarrassing incidents that occurred as her marriage to Hunter crumbled in 2015 and 2016, and his addiction to crack cocaine took hold.

Buhle also was confronted with testimony from Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden, who said Thursday that her romantic relationship with Hunter began in late 2015 and early 2016when Buhle had said she and Hunter were separated but still working on their marriage.

That’s also several months before Hunter claimed his relationship with Hallie began in his 2021 memoir.”

Buhle’s testimony this week also included examples of how petty the Biden Family is. She recounted that following her divorce in 2017, he refused to release her phone number from the family’s cellular plan, forcing her to obtain a new number.

The foul treatment of Buhle by the Bidens has bothered one person so much that it may cost Joe Biden the election.

The New York Post writes that the mistreatment of Hunter’s ex-wife has sullied the relationship between Michelle Obama and Joe Biden right at the moment that he may need her help the most.

Former first lady Michelle Obama is reluctant to publicly campaign for President Biden’s re-election because, in part, of how the family treated Kathleen Buhle, her close friend, in the wake of her divorce from Hunter Biden, a new report claims.

The wife of former President Barack Obama has largely steered clear of the 2024 campaign trail after expressing frustration in private over Buhle’s apparent exile from the Biden family years earlier, Axios reported, citing two sources familiar with the relationship.

The former first lady’s close friendship with Buhle, which has been well documented, dates back to the Obama administration days.

Hunter — who split from the mother of his three eldest kids in 2017 — even addressed the friendship in his own memoir, saying Michelle and his ex-wife had “worked out together at the gym and often had evening cocktails at the White House, at both formal and informal events.”

Buhle has gone on the record explaining how nasty the entire Biden family has been to her since she divorced Hunter. Despite being the mother of several of the president’s grandchildren, for example, the White House has not offered Secret Service protection and has been barred from family outings.

She also detailed a story in which she was excluded from a family photo shoot by her then-husband’s aunt, who asked for a snap with “Biden blood only.”

Buhle stayed married to Hunter for 24 years, during which the president’s oldest son had an affair with his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, after the death of her husband, his brother, and the president’s golden child, Beau Biden, who passed away from cancer in 2015. The couple has three daughters and divorced in 2017.

She isn’t the only Biden ex who has claimed to have been harassed by the Biden Political Machine. In 2023, Jill Biden’s ex-husband, Bill Stevenson, accused Joe of misusing the power of his Senate office to go after him, including an alleged attempt to use the IRS to force him to give Jill his house in the divorce.  

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