Biden Plans To Settle Palestinians In United States

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While universities across the country experience pro-Hamas protests all across the country, the Biden administration, ever worried about losing the pro-terror vote, has begun discussing ways to bring Palestine to America. 

Let it be said, if there’s one thing Biden will always jump at the opportunity to do, it’s bringing in immigrants to settle in the United States.

According to a report by CBS News, President Biden has begun to kick the tires on plans to bring certain Palestinians to the United States as refugees. 

In recent weeks, the documents show, senior officials across several federal U.S. agencies have discussed the practicality of different options to resettle Palestinians from Gaza who have immediate family members who are American citizens or permanent residents.

One of those proposals involves using the decades-old United States Refugee Admissions Program to welcome Palestinians with U.S. ties who have managed to escape Gaza and enter neighboring Egypt, according to the inter-agency planning documents.

Top U.S. officials have also discussed getting additional Palestinians out of Gaza and processing them as refugees if they have American relatives, the documents show. The plans would require coordination with Egypt, which has so far refused to welcome large numbers of people from Gaza.

Those who pass a series of eligibility, medical and security screenings would qualify to fly to the U.S. with refugee status, which offers beneficiaries permanent residency, resettlement benefits like housing assistance and a path to American citizenship.

72 percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas’ decision to launch the October 7 attack was correct, according to the Palestinian Center For Policy and Social Research.

“The plans to resettle certain Palestinians as refugees would be a departure from established U.S. government policy and practice. Since its establishment 44 years ago, the U.S. refugee program has not relocated large numbers of Palestinians.

Fewer than 600 of the more than 400,000 refugees the U.S. has resettled in the past 10 years were Palestinian. According to State Department statistics, 56 Palestinians were admitted to the U.S. in fiscal year 2023, which is 0.09% of the more than 60,000 refugees admitted in those 12 months.

While the White House would likely find support for the move among congressional Democrats, bringing Palestinians over as refugees could create more political headwinds for the Biden administration, which is struggling to maintain support within a fractured Democratic Party over its support of Israel,” wrote Newsmax.

A recent poll revealed that, despite what College Democrats and the staff of the White House say, roughly 80 percent of Americans support Israel in its war against Hamas. 

In related news, back in 2021, Biden abandoned 78,000 Afghans who worked for the U.S government in its war on terror. 

Last week, Hamas released a video of an American hostage being held in Palestine and the White House did not release a statement, nor has it made a serious effort to win his release. 

The report did not say how many Gazans the administration would like to bring to the United States, but the consideration was met with condemnation from Republicans. 

Sen. Tim Scott called the move “reckless.”

“Hogwash. President Biden consistently undermines our national security with reckless decisions like this. We have no clue who is coming into our country, whether on our southern border or from war-torn regions run by terrorists,” he said, according to The New York Post.

“Not a single Hamas sympathizer should be let into this country, and I will use every resource at my disposal to ensure this radical Biden policy never sees the light of day.”

The best guess as to where the Palestinians would be settled would be Illinois, a state dominated by Democrats that has two cities with the largest portion of its population being from Palestine, Junction and Orland Hills. 

There is an estimated population of 85,000 Palestinians in Chicago, and Palestinians form 60 percent of the Arab community in the Windy City.

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