Columbia University Has Been Conquered

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Columbia has been conquered by pro-Hamas liberals and they have decided to take hostages. 

The university’s student newspaper writes, “Dozens of protesters occupied Hamilton Hall in the early hours of Tuesday morning, moving metal gates to barricade the doors, blocking entrances with wooden tables and chairs, and zip-tying doors shut.

Protesters carrying barricades entered Hamilton through the leftmost door of the building at approximately 12:30 a.m. Shortly after, a protester broke the window of the rightmost door as dozens more formed a human barricade directly outside the doors. Within minutes, protesters sealed the building while hundreds more flooded in front of the building.

At around 1:40 a.m., protesters inside Hamilton unfurled a banner reading ‘Hind’s Hall’—renaming Hamilton after Hind Rajab, a six-year-old Palestinian killed by the Israeli military in Gaza.”


The Daily Caller noted that “the protesters said they will occupy Hamilton Hall until ‘Columbia meets every one of our demands,’ according to the Columbia Spectator.

Footage showed the protesters unfurling a Palestinian flag out of the building’s window. Some chanted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Palestine will live forever.”

The protesters demanded that Columbia provide an amnesty to participants in the demonstrations and end its financial relationships with companies tied to Israel and to be transparent about other investments by the Ivy League school.

Multiple demonstrations at Ivy League schools since a deadly terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel have seen protesters make statements like “resistance is justified,” including an Oct. 15 protest where attendees chanted a slogan that has connotations of wiping out Israel after a Cornell University professor called the attacks “exhilarating.”

In response to being conquered by the protest, Columbia University leaders have tried to suspend press access to campus. 

In response to the escalating violence, the national organization of College Democrats backed the takeover. 

President Biden–along with Columbia’s most famous alum, Barack Obama–have been silent on the issue of the antisemitic, pro-terror encampments that have taken over college campuses, including most of the Ivy League. 

Biden’s only public statement on the matter saw him effectively say “there are very fine people on both sides.” Everything else has been written by communications staff in the White House and distributed as press releases.


While most Americans are not particularly moved by what’s happening in Gaza or on college campuses, the lack of response from the White House has revealed something that the public does worry about: whether or not Joe Biden is really in charge. 

The lack of response from the president signals to the country that his more radical staffers inside the administration are pulling the strings. It makes sense that the White House would not become too involved over civil rights violations against Jewish students occurring college campuses when you realize that Democrats are mostly staffed by the Ivy League. 

In 2019, two professors from the University of North Carolina wrote that Democrats have a major “Ivy League problem.”

Daniel Kreiss and Aam Saffer noted that when “compared with Republicans, Democratic presidential campaigns much more narrowly draw their top campaign talent in important areas from a handful of elite and mostly private universities. This matters because those Democrats working to elect presidents often have little in common with the electorate itself.

Over the past few years, we put together a dataset of 954 presidential primary and general election campaign staffers (746 Democrats and 208 Republicans) who worked in technology, digital media, data, and analytics from the 2004–2016 cycles. These areas of campaigning are historically recent but have grown tremendously since the 2004 presidential cycle. They are now at the center of how campaigns both know and communicate with the electorate and make strategy decisions. We also used public data sources to chart their careers, including their education backgrounds. We used earlier versions of this dataset previously to analyze the evolution of the field, innovation, and the representation of women in this industry in peer-reviewed publications.

The data are clearOver the past decade Democrats have selected their own ‘best and brightest’ in the world of presidential campaigning — and that is not a good thing.

Taken together, an astonishing 20% of all hiring by Democratic campaigns comes from just seven schools: Harvard (5% of Democratic hiring), Stanford (3%), NYU (3%), UC Berkeley (3%), Georgetown (2%), Columbia (2%), and Yale (2%). In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hired 16% of its staffers from just four schools: Harvard (6%), Stanford (4%), NYU (3%), and Georgetown (3%).

In short, elite universities on the coasts dominate Democratic hiring. Only one public university, UC Berkeley, falls in the top ten of Democratic hiring. The rest are elite private, non-profit, educational institutions.”

Five years and one elderly president who can’t walk by himself and has a memory problem later, Americans now see the ramifications of the Democratic hiring practices. 

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