Trump Scores Huge Win As Georgia DA Appears To Have Lied To Court

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Donald Trump received a huge boost in court today. In a Fulton County hearing discussing misconduct by the Trump prosecutor Fani Willis, Robin Bryan-Yeartie, a longtime friend of Willis who was once employed by the district attorney’s office, said under oath that Willis’s relationship with Wade began years earlier than the district attorney had told the court.

The testimony sent shockwaves through much of the media. Former President Trump and several associates are facing charges in Georgia for allegedly attempting to reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Trump and some of his co-defendants have been pursuing efforts to disqualify Willis from the case and to have the charges against them dropped.

That seems more likely and it particularly caused MSNBC to have a minor meltdown. Mediate described the somber mood at the liberal network.

Legal analyst Caroline Polisi flatly declared on MSNBC that new testimony contradicting Fani Willis’ claims about her relationship with a colleague was “game over for her” in the election fraud trial against former President Donald Trump.

Polisi, who frequently appears on both MSNBC and CNN, did not hold back on how bad a day this is for the Fulton County DA.

“Don’t let the legalese fool you,” she opened. “This is epic. This is monumental. If things are going in the direction we think, Fani Willis lied to the court, it’s game over for her. She will be disqualified. If they had a relationship prior to when they represented truth to the court, it’s a huge deal. I can’t overstate.”

Polisi added further context in a statement to Mediaite, saying, “Willis will be disqualified, which means her entire office is disqualified, which means the case will have to be re-assigned and languish with the PAC of Georgia, effectively killing the case. Her credibility is completely shot.”

The analysis followed the bombshell testimony in Atlanta from a “close friend” of Willis, Robin Yeartie, who “testified Thursday that Willis’ relationship with Wade began shortly after they met at a conference for municipal court judges in 2019. Her testimony contradicts how Willis and Wade represented their relationship in court filings as starting after Wade’s contract began in 2022.

“You know that their relationship, their personal relationship, began shortly after this municipal court conference?” Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney Ashleigh Merchant asked.

“Yes,” Yeartie replied.

“And when I say personal, romantic?” she asked.

“Yes,” Yeartie replied,” The Daily Caller noted.

In 2020, Fani Willis ran against Paul Howard, who won his first election in 1996, but spent much of his last term in office fighting scandals. 

As the clouds of scandal loomed over Howard’s sixth term in office,” explained PJ Media, “Willis presented herself as the ethical alternative. A video from the 2020 campaign has resurfaced in which she claimed she would behave differently from Howard. In an interview with an outlet called The Atlanta Voice, Willis talked about what set her apart from Howard.

‘The District Attorney’s Office in Fulton should be the beacon of the Southeast,’ Willis begins. ‘It should be the absolute best office between Washington, D.C., and Miami. And right now, what you have is an office of dysfunction and corruption. And we deserve better. And I am the right choice to improve it.’

Later on in the interview, Willis positions herself as the honest and ethical alternative to Paul Howard.

‘You’re sitting with someone today that actually wants to make a difference because they deserve a DA that won’t have sex with his employees, because they deserve a DA that won’t put money in their own pocket when it should go to benefit children,” she says. “Because we deserve better.'”

So much for that.

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