President Gives Bizarre New Years Eve Interview

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Last night, as America celebrated the arrival of the new year, President Joe Biden gave a bizarre interview with Ryan Seacrest during his live New Year’s Eve broadcast. Zooming in from his luxury vacation in St. Croix, the president attempted to handle softball questions from the host of American Idol.

Red State described the odd interview. 

Appearing with Ryan Seacrest, who was doing the live program for ABC News from Times Square, Biden’s brain quickly turned to mush under the most basic questioning. At one point, he was asked what his favorite memories and highlights of 2023 were, which prompted him to talk about how jobs were shipped overseas. 

Don’t try to figure it out. It’s easier that way.

Jill Biden’s discomfort is obvious as she gives a deep sigh halfway through his answer and turns to glare at him momentarily. I would assume this was a rehearsed answer that he went in on even though it didn’t fit what he was asked. That’s one of the results of having a president who can’t do something as simple as a light-hearted New Year’s Eve spot without canned responses. 

He looks so inauthentic because he is. I mean, come on. Who needs notecards to answer softballs from Ryan Seacrest for a few minutes? This is supposed to be one of the most capable men on the planet filling the most important job in politics. 

Of course, no Joe Biden softball interview can be conducted without the president and the media mentioning his favorite topic. Ice cream. 

“I’ve been eating everything that is put in front of me, but I’ve eaten pasta, which I love eating — a lot of chicken parmesan. I’ve been eating all Italian foods, basically,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“And ice cream,” interjected the first lady.

“And chocolate chip ice cream,” the president agreed.

Biden ended his prerecorded segment by sharing his hopes for the upcoming year.

“My hope is that everybody has a healthy, happy and safe new year,” Biden said. “But beyond that, I hope that they understand that we’re in a better position than any country in the world to lead the world. And we’re coming back and it’s about time.”

“It’s what I would always tell my students: Be positive, be optimistic and be kind to one another,” Jill Biden added.

Biden, who turned 81 this past November, is the oldest person to ever occupy the White House. 

Reuters has noted that many Americans have cited the president’s age as a reason for him not to run for a second term. “If re-elected, Biden would be 86 by the end of his second term in office. Republican Ronald Reagan, who had the prior record as oldest U.S. president, ended his second four-year term at age 77 in 1989.

Trump, frontrunner for the Republican nomination to challenge Biden in the 2024 election, is 77.

In a mid-September Reuters/Ipsos poll, voters expressed concern over Biden’s age and fitness for office. Seventy-seven percent of respondents, including 65% of Democrats, said Biden is too old to be president, while just 39% said Biden was mentally sharp enough for the presidency.

By comparison, 56% of poll respondents said Trump is too old for the office, while 54% said he was mentally sharp enough to handle the challenges of the presidency.”

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