Barack Obama Stepped In To Help Harvard President

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It’s been a rough month for the president of Harvard, Claudine Gay. She was lambasted for her testimony, alongside the University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill, who has resigned, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth, in which she refused to condemn the calling for the genocide of Jews or say whether or not such language from students on campus violated the college’s code of conduct during a House Education Committee hearing.

A few days after her trip to Washington, however, things got especially bad for Gay. Christopher Rufo revealed that he found dozens of examples showing that the Harvard president, who despite her position has not produced much academic scholarship in the first place, had plagiarized much of her scant output. 

Rufo accused Gay of plagiarizing her thesis, which launched her career, by copying material from other famous scholars by scholars such as conservative academic Carol Swain, as well as material written by Lawrence Bobo and Franklin Gilliam, Richard Shingles, Susan Howell, and Deborah Fagan.

The news immediately led to the Harvard president, who critics say has built an “intolerant” empire driven by “racialist ideology,” to resign. Luckily for the Queen of DEI, she had the ultimate ace up her sleeve: Barack Obama. 

Jewish Insider reports that according to a source familiar with the matter, Obama, a Harvard graduate, had privately lobbied on Gay’s behalf as she faced pressure to resign in the wake of her disastrous appearance before the congressional hearing on antisemitism. “It sounded like people were being asked to close ranks to keep the broader administration stable — including its composition,” the source, who was informed of Obama’s outreach and asked to speak anonymously to discuss a confidential matter, told JI on Tuesday.

Obama’s office did not respond to a request for comment from the outlet.

On Wednesday, reported The New York Times, “a congressional committee currently investigating Harvard sent a letter to the university demanding all its documentation and communications related to the allegations.

More than a week ago, Dr. Gay seemed to survive concerns about her response to the Oct. 7 attack on Israel and charges of antisemitism on campus, only to be faced with criticism of her scholarship. Wednesday’s news has raised more questions about the process by which the university board, known as the Harvard Corporation, has handled plagiarism allegations against Dr. Gay, and whether it has been overly lenient with her.

On Wednesday, Harvard said that the inquiry into Dr. Gay’s work was not handled by the research integrity office of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which would normally investigate plagiarism charges against a member of that faculty. Instead the Corporation, a 12-member board that has been criticized for its insularity, appointed a panel of outside scholars to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, because the head of the research integrity office ultimately reports to the president.”

Gay’s special treatment comes at a time when the public has become more concerned with what’s actually being taught on college campuses as more and more young people act like The Red Guard or the Brown Shirts than typical American students from the past. 

The New York Post noted a disturbing finding earlier in the week. “A majority of young Americans said they believe Israel should “be ended and given to Hamas,” according to a shocking poll.

The survey, conducted THIS WEEK by Harvard-Harris polling, found 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 said they believed the long-term answer to the Israel-Palestinian conflict was for ‘Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians.’”

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