Biden Misleads About FBI Cooperation

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Over the last few weeks, as the Biden classified documents scandal has grown and grown, liberal reporters have bent over backward to try and explain how this is much different from that big bad Trump keeping docs at Mar-a-Lago.  

The AP offered the best example of bootlicking from the mainstream press earlier in the week, writing, “The remarkable, nearly 13-hour search by FBI agents of the sitting president’s Wilmington home is the latest political black eye for Biden, who promised to restore propriety to the office after the tumultuous tenure of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

But with his actions, Biden is doing more than simply complying with federal investigators assigned to look into the discovery of the records. The president is aiming to show that, unlike Trump, he never intended to retain classified materials — a key distinction that experts say diminishes the risks of criminal liability.

White House spokesman Ian Sams said Monday that Biden’s own attorneys invited the FBI to conduct the search. “This was a voluntary proactive offer by the president’s personal lawyers to DOJ to have access to the home,” he said, adding that it reflected “how seriously” Biden is taking the issue.

Mary McCord, a former senior Justice Department national security official, said, ‘If I was a lawyer and I represented the president of the United States and I wanted to show, ’I am being fully cooperative, and I do care to be projecting transparency to the American public, and I do take this seriously,’ I think this is the advice I would give as well.’”

I hope you’re sitting down. It turns out that the president was not being especially truthful when he said that he “invited the FBI” to search his home last week. 

PJ Media explains the details of the lie: According to a new report from CNN, of all places, Biden wasn’t originally willing to consent to have the Justice Department search his home and only agreed to it after Justice Department indicated it would seek a warrant if necessary.

‘Biden’s team stresses that it was cooperative in the lead-up to Friday’s search and even expressed an eagerness for the search to happen as expeditiously as possible to move the investigation along – and to try to put the matter behind them,’ CNN reports. ‘For its part, the Justice Department had decided it would conduct the latest search – and any subsequent searches – after Biden’s team handled earlier searches themselves. Federal investigators also were prepared to seek a warrant if they did not get consent to search the Wilmington property, according to multiple sources.’

Biden’s allies in the media have been repeating the claim that Biden was ‘fully cooperating’ with the Justice Department and insisting that Donald Trump was guilty of obstructing even though he had been negotiating with the Justice Department when Merrick Garland approved a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago.”

Not wanting to be embarrassed that the FBI received a warrant to search your mansion isn’t exactly the “cooperation” that we were initially made to believe. 

The Justice Department was unhappy with the way the White House dragged its feet. CNN also commented, “It took more than six weeks after the initial discovery at the Penn Biden Center for the president’s personal attorneys to search the Wilmington home the first time in December and another three weeks after that before they searched his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Biden’s legal team did not alert the Justice Department that it had begun to search Biden’s homes until after the attorneys discovered classified documents in his Wilmington garage, sources familiar with the investigation say. While such notification wasn’t required, the lack of advance notice irritated some Justice officials.

Justice officials also were concerned that the White House released information to the public in a piecemeal way, the sources tell CNN. For instance, when news of the document discovery at the Penn Biden Center broke, the White House failed to disclose classified documents also had been found in Wilmington.”

White Biden flacks continue push the idea that he is much different from Trump, the Justice Department thinks otherwise. CNN concluded, “The Justice Department is keen to avoid any perception that it is treating the Biden documents case differently than the Trump Mar-a-Lago investigation. The search on Friday removes one glaring difference that Trump’s supporters had pointed to: that only Trump’s property was searched by law enforcement.”

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