New York Times Columnist: Liberalism Has Destroyed The West Coast

In an article that can only make you laugh, a liberal New York Times columnist announced that he noticed something that might shock the newspaper’s readers: left wing Democratic policies have destroyed the West Coast.  

On Saturday, Nicholas Kristof took to the Grey Lady to implore liberals to “face the painful fact that something has gone badly wrong where we’re in charge, from San Diego to Seattle.”

As Democrats make their case to voters around the country this fall, one challenge is that some of the bluest parts of the country — cities on the West Coast — are a mess, Kristof writes.

Centrist voters can reasonably ask: Why put liberals in charge nationally when the places where they have greatest control are plagued by homelessness, crime and dysfunction?

We are more likely to believe that “housing is a human right” than conservatives in Florida or Texas, but less likely to actually get people housed. We accept a yawning gulf between our values and our outcomes.

“The two states with the highest rates of unsheltered homelessness are California and Oregon. The three states with the lowest rates of unsheltered homelessness are all blue ones in the Northeast: Vermont, New York and Maine,” he wrote. “Liberal Massachusetts has some of the finest public schools in the country, while liberal Washington and Oregon have below-average high school graduation rates.”

In 2022, the the liberal columnist tried to run for governor of Oregon before the secretary of state of the Beaver State kicked him off the ballot for being a New York resident.

Conservatives should welcome Kristof’s realization. It was about time he bought a mirror. Maybe he can pass them to his friends, too, particularly in California. 

No one has done more to epitomize the “West Coast liberalism” that Kristof laments than Gavin Newsom. The California governor has proven why liberal policies fail: they always benefit the friends of the powerful. Nothing showed that more than the California governor’s “bread exception” to one of his overregulations.

Newsome exempted his rich friends from laws aimed at “helping the working class,” New Conservative Post reported in February.

On April 1, fast food restaurants across California were forced to pay their workers $20 an hour. That is, all fast food places except one lucky corporation that received an exemption because it bakes bread, which just so happens to be deeply connected to the governor’s good friends and major donors.

“The restaurant chain Panera Bread,” explained The New York Sun, “will be free from paying its employees an extra four dollars an hour that a new law will require of all fast-food restaurants in California thanks to the chain founder’s cozy relationship with Governor Newsom.”

The California law raised the state’s minimum wage at fast-food restaurants to $20 an hour, but “chains that bake and sell bread as standalone items” received an exemption from that rule — benefiting the likes of Panera Bread, whose 125 restaurants are owned by billionaire business titan Greg Flynn, a close associate to Newsom.

After spending two years attacking Republicans all over the country, and losing a debate to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom has come to realize the disaster that is liberalism, especially in regards to supporting illegal immigration.

After spending a decade attacking anyone opposed to illegal immigration, Newsom recently doubled the state’s National Guard presence on California’s border with Mexico to combat the flow of fentanyl into the state.

Welcome to learning what conservatives have known for a long time.

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