Biden DOJ Goes After Doctor For Revealing Ideological Hospital

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The Biden administration has once again gone after a whistleblower. This time the Department of Justice has used its powers to shut up a doctor who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital for secretly performing transgender surgeries and minors.

“Last year, Haim anonymously leaked evidence of the child sex-change procedures to conservative journalist Christopher Rufo. The documents revealed that Texas Children’s Hospital had continued running its transgender program, despite announcing that the program had been discontinued in accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s 2022 directive equating such medical interventions with child abuse.

The Houston-based hospital was ultimately forced to stop its trans-medical practices after a state law took effect in September 2023, prohibiting drug and surgical “gender-affirming” interventions for minors,” wrote The National Review.

“‘After understanding how far this corruption went, I had no other option but to take the story public and fight back,’ Haim previously told National Review. ‘If I don’t do this now, I’m going to pass on this conflict to my children. That’s something I will not tolerate.'”

That was too much for Merrick Garland and Joe Biden, though.

The City Journal reports that the Department of Justice has now made good on its threats to go after the whistleblower.

On the morning in June 2023 that Haim was to graduate from Texas Children Hospital’s residency program, federal agents knocked on his door. They had identified him as a potential “leaker,” presumably through forensic examination of the hospital’s computer systems. Shortly thereafter, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari began threatening Haim with prosecution.

Now, Ansari has made good on those threats. Earlier this week, U.S. marshals appeared at Haim’s home and summoned him to court to face an indictment on four felony counts of violating HIPAA. His initial appearance is next Monday, where he will learn more about the charges against him.

According to one of Haim’s attorneys, Marcella Burke, he is anxious to get to trial to get his side of the story told; she is confident that this will result in the correct decision being made. (For my own part, I can confirm that nothing in the information provided to me identified any individual; all the documents were, in fact, carefully redacted.) Nonetheless, the prosecutor has pressed forward, hoping, at the least, to intimidate other medical professionals who would consider blowing the whistle on the barbarism of “transgender medicine.”

The Haim case marks an inflection point in the debate on “gender-affirming care.” If Haim prevails, other courageous doctors and medical professionals will follow his lead and speak out. We will need all their voices if we are to succeed in shutting down the child sex-change business in the United States.

Haim has begun soliciting donations for his legal defense. He says that since “no laws have been violated (no personally identifiable patient health information was disclosed), this was nothing more than a blatant attempt at political intimidation,” according to The Texan.

“I do not bring this up to cast myself as the victim or grift for sympathy — because at the end of the day self-pity does nothing for you. We see this as the exact opposite — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand up for what is right and against those who abuse their authority to silence those who speak the truth. In this way the costs are miniscule. Whatever we have paid — whether financial, emotional, or career-wise – has been well worth it.”

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