Jimmy Carter Nearing ‘The End’ According To Family

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One of America’s former presidents will likely not be with us much longer, according to relatives. 

Jimmy Carter’s grandson gave a recent update about his grandfather’s health and said that the 39th president of the United States was becoming more and more frail. 

Jason Carter, speaking at the 28th Rosalynn Carter Georgia Mental Health Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday, gave an update on the 99-year-old oldest living former commander in chief, writes Newsmax.

“My grandfather is doing OK. He has been in hospice, as you know, for some … almost a year and a half now,” Jason Carter said.

“He really is, I think, coming to the end that, as I’ve said before, there’s a part of this faith journey that is so important to him, and there’s a part of that faith journey that you only can live at the very end, and I think he has been there in that space.”

Jimmy Carter has been living in his home in hospice care since February 2023. The former president, whose birthday is Oct. 1, has survived metastatic brain and liver cancer.

Last November, the former president made a rare public appearance, attending his wife Rosalynn’s memorial service. Carter was seen sitting in a wheelchair, covered in a blanket.

The longest-married couple in American presidential history, Jimmy and Rosalynn were married for 77 years and lived in the same home in Plains, Georgia, for decades. 

The New York Times reported that “he was determined to be there no matter what, according to family members, who believe he has hung on so long in part to ensure Mrs. Carter was never left alone.

“He was really honored and glad that he made it to the end with my grandmother, and that was a real treasure for him,” said Jason Carter, a grandson and chairman of the Carter Center board. “And I think that for whatever reason, the way he approaches this is from a place of enormous faith. And so he just believes that for whatever reason, God’s not done with him yet.”

Rosalynn Carter died last year at age 96, and her funeral served as a rare instance of bipartisan comity when former First Lady Melania Trump joined her four living counterparts to honor Carter. 

The Washington Post wrote that Melania “was gracious as she met the family of Carter, whose husband, Jimmy Carter, has regularly clashed with Donald Trump, and she seemed happy to be there, according to Rosalynn Carter’s family.

‘She said sweet things about my mother,’ said Chip Carter, the Carters’ son, in an interview. ‘She thanked us for getting an invitation and we thanked her for coming — and I gave her a hug.’

Carter family members said they did not witness a hint of awkwardness on Tuesday between Melania Trump and the others — Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton — while they were together out of public view.

Jimmy Carter will turn 100 years old on October 1He, by far has the longest ever post-presidency in history at over 43 years and counting.  

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