Jim Biden Was Working With Qatar

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Earlier in the year, an investigation revealed that there was another member of the Biden family who was leveraging his connections to the president that Joe Biden just happened to not know anything about. 

In February, New Conservative Post wrote that “for someone who has claimed to have no knowledge of what his family was up to, Joe Biden’s family certainly seemed to use the president’s name a lot and often promised to sell access to him to anyone willing to pay them.

While we all know about Hunter Biden’s various exploits, it now appears that the president’s brother also tried to exploit his proximity to power in order to score a huge deal with a medical company–a deal that explicitly included putting money in Joe’s pocket.

Politico reported then that according to “an email, obtained by [the outlet] from a person close to the company, documents one of the many ways in which Jim Biden invoked his brother’s name and clout in the course of his work with Americore, which has since gone bankrupt, wreaking havoc in rural communities in the process.

Jim Biden spoke of plans to give his brother equity in Americore, according to one former Americore executive, and install him on its board, according to a second. He also said that if Americore could find a winning business model for rural health care, his brother could promote the company in a future presidential campaign, a third former executive told Politico. All were granted anonymity to discuss a company mired in legal and political controversy.”

Now, another Politico report claims that a bankruptcy case in Kentucky has revealed that the president’s brother was working closely with the government of Qatar to obtain funding using his “family connections.”

The sworn testimony by fund manager Michael Lewitt, a former business partner of Jim Biden’s, attests that two companies that facilitated the efforts were part-owned by “members of the Qatari government,” writes Politico.

One company named in the testimony partnered directly with Jim Biden in the multi-year fundraising efforts.

If substantiated, the alleged arrangements would constitute some of the closest known financial links between a relative of President Joe Biden and a foreign government.

The alleged arrangements stem from an effort by Jim Biden to raise money from Qatari sources for ventures in the U.S. beginning in the months after his older brother left the vice presidency. At the time, the tiny, gas-rich nation faced a financial blockade from its neighbors and was spending lavishly to shore up its political standing in the West.

Qatar has long been a state sponsor of terror, but Joe Biden has so far refused to declare them as such.

The Washington Examiner explained that “when Jim Biden began recruiting fundraising for his healthcare business, where he worked closely with Americore, Qatar was in a time of diplomatic unease. In 2017, neighboring nations cut their diplomatic ties with the Middle Eastern country due to its alleged support of terrorism. Because of that, Qatar began strengthening its ties to the US and countries in Europe.

Jim Biden teamed up with Platinum Group’s CEO Amer Rustom, who had ties to the Middle East and Lewitt. Then, Jim Biden and Rustom wrote a draft letter to the Qatar Investment Authority, the country’s sovereign wealth fund, boasting about his family’s connections.

‘My family could provide a wealth of introductions and business opportunities at the highest levels that I believe would be worthy of the interest of His Excellency,’ and, ‘On behalf of the Biden family, I welcome your interest here.’ 

In 2018, fundraising efforts began gaining more traction as Sara Biden, Jim’s wife, got in contact with a Platinum Group executive, Julie Lander, in an email with a draft presentation to a potential investor.  

In the presentation, she said Americore was looking for ‘$30 million in financing to acquire hospitals.’ She also described Jim Biden as ‘Brother and Campaign Finance Chair of former Vice President Joe Biden.’”

In March, one of the impeachment inquiry’s star witnesses accused James Biden of perjury, lying to Congress about the Bidens’ roles with a Chinese energy company. 

The National Review wrote, “Testifying behind closed doors last month, James Biden repeatedly denied meeting Bobulinski, contradicting the testimony given by Bobulinski and Hunter Biden, according to a transcript of his testimony. Despite being shown exhibits to the contrary, James Biden doubled down on his denial that the May 2017 meeting with Bobulinski and Joe and Hunter Biden took place. Likewise, James Biden denied signing any agreement to get into business with Bobulinski through Oneida Holdings, a holding company created for the CEFC proposal.

When presented with a signed copy of the Oneida agreement, James Biden said he could not recall being part of the Oneida arrangement. The CEFC proposal involving Bobulinski fell apart, and the Bidens entered a separate joint venture with CEFC called Hudson West III to help CEFC explore U.S. energy deals.

‘There are many other examples of Hunter’s and Jim’s lies, which I am happy to discuss during my testimony here today, and I hope this Committee will hold them accountable for their perjury before you,’ Bobulinski’s written statement adds. When questioned by Republican lawmakers, Bobulinski repeated his accusations Hunter and James Biden committed perjury during their closed-door testimonies last month.”

It might be time to ask Joe Biden if he ever met with Qatar to “talk about the weather.”

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