Biden Loses Sense Of ‘Urgency’ On Border

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A month after the White House said they would be taking executive action to help deal with the continuing crisis on the southern border, new reports have revealed that the president is backing off.

He allegedly no longer feels a “sense of urgency” despite the Custom and Border Patrol announcing that it had just under 190,000 total encounters along the southwest border in February 2024, the shortest month the year. 

Migrants posting How-To videos about using liberal “squatter laws” to take over American homes is not a problem for this White House.  

Administration officials are still weighing new actions, including restrictions on asylum, particularly as border crossings are expected to surge in line with seasonal migration patterns later this spring, according to three people familiar with the administration’s thinking, writes Politico.

But inside the White House, aides do not feel a sense of urgency like they did before, even as the issue of immigration remains a chief concern for voters.

The administration’s change in posture is owed, in part, to the downtick in migration numbers following a record-breaking number of illegal crossings in December. There remain questions about whether any action taken by the White House would pass legal muster. But while internal conversations around policy moves have continued, Biden aides also note that media coverage is less intense than it was earlier this year.

“They’re in that pretty classic mode of, nothing is on fire right now,” said an immigration policy advocate, granted anonymity to discuss private conversations about the administration’s border policy considerations.

The White House appears to be taking its cues from MSNBC, who has mocked concerns from Americans that millions of migrants have illegally entered the country since Biden took office. 

Last week, a group of migrants in El Paso overwhelmed National Guardsmen posted on the border by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. 

The New York Post noted that “A group of over 100 migrants attempted to enter the US illegally by rushing a border wall Thursday, breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards in the process.

The Post had earlier witnessed around 600 migrants massed at the international border, as part of a “spring surge” of migrants hoping to gain access to the US.

The Texas National Guard was attempting to organize them into smaller groups, but the situation grew tense after some women and children were separated from adult males by the guardsmen.

A group of men with hoodies, gloves and winter jackets could be seen pulling fencing away and dashing through the concertina wire, as a group of five guards stood in a defensive formation to fill the gap.”

The Biden administration has done everything it can to hinder efforts by border states to deal with illegal immigration. Last week, the administration sued Texas because it passed a state law to try and disrupt the constant flow of migrants into the Lone Star State. 

In defending the law, noted The Hill, “Texas argued the state has a constitutional right to defend itself and the Biden administration was unwilling or unable to defend the border.”

On “60 Minutes” over the weekend, Mexico’s President essentially claimed that he was using the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the border as a weapon against the United States. 

Lopez Obrador made an appearance on Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes, where he touched on a number of issues, including the ongoing flow of migrants over the border into the U.S. The Mexican president has, in the past, offered assistance at the behest of the Biden administration to help stem the tide of crossings and made a notable difference, Newsweek summarized.

“During the interview, he offered a proposal of four things that the U.S. government could do that might address the political and economic instabilities at the root of the recent migrant surges: commit $20 billion a year to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean; lift sanctions on Venezuela; end the Cuban embargo; and legalize law-abiding undocumented Mexican migrants living in the U.S.”

Unless his demands are met, Obrador said, “The flow of migrants will continue.”

The difference between Biden and Trump could not be stark when it comes to border security. The Daily Mail explained that when “Obrador was elected in 2018, his administration and then-President Donald Trump worked together to create immigration reforms such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, known as the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. 

The policy required immigrants awaiting a U.S. immigration court hearing to remain in the outside of the country until their hearing. 

It was widely credited for cutting immigration into the U.S. from Mexico and other Latin American counties.” 

Before the crisis intensified, Biden bragged about ending the program via executive order on his first day in office. 

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