Jill Biden Invites ‘Defund Police Group’ To Perform For White House Christmas

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New Conservative Post has long noted that while “moderate” Joe Biden lives in the White House, the actions taken by others in the administration often make it seem that he’s not the one really in charge. Whether he tries to enact “student loan relief” that he knows is unconstitutional or refuses to invite the families of American hostages captured by Hamas to the White House, the president’s actions always speak louder than his words.

This Christmas season, the dynamic has once again shown that there’s nothing “moderate” about this First Family, especially when it comes to how they treat the White House. 

For Christmas this year, Jill Biden has decided to decorate the presidential mansion like it’s the Hunger Games, and to celebrate, she invited a radical dance troupe to parade around the White House in a video that can only be described as strange. 

Critics immediately mocked Biden’s video, which quickly gathered over 3 million views.

The New York Post writes that “the White House’s annual Christmas video, featuring an avant-garde tap dance performance of a timeless ballet, has been panned by social media critics for its “Hunger Games aesthetic,” as well as called “tacky” and “tasteless.”

First lady Jill Biden on Wednesday posted a two-and-a-half minute clip of New York City tap company Dorrance Dance’s take on Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn’s interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite.”

The video features colorfully adorned sequined dancers wearing elaborate headdresses while they tap their way through a White House hallway festooned with candy cane columns to the Blue Room, which is decked out with Christmas trees in both white and colored lights alongside Nutcracker-inspired décor.

The wild artistic statement, which the first lady said contained “magic, wonder, and joy,” left many commenters’ heads spinning, with several pining for the easier-to-digest patriotic-themed Christmas video posted in 2020 by then-first lady Melania Trump.”

Although art is often in the eye of the beholder, the real story not discussed by the White House or mainstream media revealed that the Biden Administration cannot even do Christmas decorations without embracing radicalism. 

CBS noted that “Dorrance Dance, a New York City-based tap dance company founded in 2011 by Michelle Dorrance, said on Facebook the dance was choreographed by Dorrance and Josette Wiggan.”

According to its website, Dorrance Dance supports defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and, as always, attacking Israel. An entire section of the studio’s page is dedicated to “social justice” and “resistance,” listing the ways that “white people can take action in response to white and state-sanctioned violence.” 

Along with messages about “abolishing prisons,” one of the links posted by the group invited to the White House by the First Lady reads as follows: “For much of U.S. history, law enforcement meant implementing laws that were explicitly designed to subjugate Black people and enforce white supremacy. That’s why Black people, along with hundreds of thousands of others, are calling for city, state, and federal governments to abolish policing as we currently understand it. We must divest from excessive, brutal, discriminatory policing and invest in a vision of community safety that works for everyone, not just an elite few.

We know the safest communities in America are places that don’t center the police. What we’re looking for already exists, and we already know it works. We need look no further than neighborhoods where the wealthy, well-connected, and well-off live, or anywhere there is easy access to living wages, health care, quality public education, and freedom from police terror.

We can’t stand by while our city, state, and federal governments continue to fund an excessive, brutal, and discriminatory system of policing. We will no longer be told that what we deserve is not politically viable or logistically possible. We will no longer be deprived of what others have long enjoyed in this country: basic rights, safety, and freedom.

When we talk about defunding the police, we’re talking about making a major pivot in national priorities. We need to see a shift from massive spending on police that don’t keep us safe to a massive investment in a shared vision of community safety that actually works. We know this won’t happen overnight. We’re tired of quick fixes and piecemeal reforms. Ending police violence will require a thoughtful, deliberate, and participatory approach that has already begun.”

During the 2020 campaign, Biden said in an interview, “I don’t support defunding police.”

In his 2022 State of the Union, the president called for more funding of police. 

What are we supposed to believe? The words of a man whose supporters have admitted has “senior moments” or the actions of those around the White House who actually put things into motion? 

As time goes on it becomes clear that Joe Biden is mostly just along for the show. 

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