MyPillow Guy Thinks About Taking Control of Republican Party, So Does New York Gov Candidate Who Saved The House

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For some reason, Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, is expected to challenge GOP national chair Ronna McDaniel to head the Republican National Committee. While it is true that McDaniel will likely go down as one of the worst leaders of the RNC in history, losing three straight elections, it’s hard to see Lindell as a better alternative. 

The Daily Caller writes, “Lindell made raised the possibility on his livestream this week, asking fans if they would support him in a bid against the chairwoman following an underwhelming performance by Republicans in the midterms, Newsweek reports.

‘One of the things I will tell you, you know, [we] will never ever stop to get rid of these machines and make this the best elections in world history in our country,’ said Lindell, referring to his unsubstantiated claims that voting machine tampering cost former President Donald Trump the 2020 election. ‘We need someone, everybody, and I would step into that, if God willing.’

Lindell has become a national laughingstock because of his obsession with the election of 2020 rather than the problems currently facing Americans. 

He’s also recently gotten in trouble with the FBI. While visiting a Hardee’s drive-thru he was approached by officers who seized his phone as they investigated his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

A Daily Beast reporter said, “‘I had heard from Mike that he ended up ordering a Swiss burger with a chocolate shake,’ Petrizzo tells hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy on this episode of political podcast The New Abnormal.

‘He was going through the drive-thru. He was pulling up to the first window and the first window told him, ‘Hey, Mike, you know, you gotta move forward, we’ll get your meal out to you in a minute.’

Petrizzo says Lindell had already paid when he pulled up to the second window and a ‘bunch of FBI vehicles pull up behind him, [to the] side of him, and box him in.’ Initially, Lindell believed he was watching a ‘skit from a movie’ or ‘possible attackers,’ Petrizzo says.”

Lindell is also facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting System for trying to sell more pillows by making false claims that the company conspired to steal the 2020 election for China. 

“The voting machine company previously sued other allies of former President Donald Trump, attorney Sydney Powell and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, for $1.3 billion each as well. Dominion alleges that Powell, Giuliani, Lindell and others have repeatedly made false claims that Dominion helped rig the 2020 election for President Joe Biden,” writes the Daily Caller.  

“Lindell, whose claims about Dominion have lacked any verifiable evidence, was threatened by the company with a cease-and-desist letter in January. He responded by welcoming a lawsuit, saying that he had “100% evidence that China and other countries

In their complaint, Dominion said Lindell ‘exposed Dominion to the most extreme hatred and contempt. Lindell himself called it the ‘biggest crime ever committed in election history against our country and the world.’” used their machines to steal the election.’

Dominion also accused Lindell of using his claims about the election to sell more pillows. ‘Dominion brings this action to vindicate the company’s rights, to recover damages, to seek a narrowly tailored injunction, to stand up for itself and its employees, and to stop Lindell and MyPillow from further profiting at Dominion’s expense.’”

People who are more interested in the Republican Party winning electoins than making a quick buck have been supporting Lee Zeldin, whose strong performance in the New York governor’s race likely helped the party at least take the House during the midterm flop earlier in the month. 

Politico reported that the potential candidate for RNC Chair wrote an email saying, “‘It is time for our party to retool, transform, win back the Presidency in 2024, expand our number of Republican held seats in Congress, and elect the maximum number of down ballot races across the country,’ Zeldin said in the message. ‘The Republican Party needs to be all in to do everything in its power to save America.’

New York, however, was a rare bright spot for the party: Though Zeldin lost, the Republican came surprisingly close in the reliably blue state, finishing six percentage points behind Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul — making it the tightest gubernatorial race there since 1994.

Republicans argue that Zeldin’s overperformance helped the party flip four congressional seats in New York, which in turn played a key role in enabling the GOP to win back the House by a razor-thin margin. Every county in the state shifted right since 2020, according to an analysis by the Times Union.

In his email to RNC members, Zeldin wrote, ‘Not only should the Republican Party compete in all 50 states, and ensure we are driving up turnout within our base, but we also need to go to all communities no matter how blue they are, show up often, build relationships, and advance our proposals on education, upward economic mobility, housing, mental health, public safety, and more. This means making sure people know what we stand for, and not just what we are against.’”

Republicans in general, are facing a fork in the road: do they support former President Donald Trump and his supporters who want to continue to re-litigate the 2020 election or do they want to stop Democrats and lead the country in another direction by looking towards the future?

Time will tell.  

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