Gold Star Families Disrespected By Biden’s Debate Comments

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What Joe Biden actually said when he was cognizant of his surroundings was lost in the hullaballoo of the president of the United States throughout much of Thursday night’s debate.

During the shameful performance, the president claimed that during his time as president, there had been no troop deaths anywhere in the world.

Now, the family of one of the soldiers killed during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has spoken out against the president.

Fox News reports that Darin Hoover, Gold Star father of Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover who was one of those 13 American service members killed in action on August 26, 2021, in Kabul, Afghanistan, had a strong reaction to Biden’s debate claims.

“I knew Afghanistan was going to come up sooner or later,” said Hoover in an interview with Fox News Digital, recalling the debate.

“You know, the stumbling, bumbling buffoon that we have in the White House had the audacity to say that under his watch that no military members have died.”

The Gold Star dad added, “the rage, the absolute disgust that I got, from hearing him say that–I started yelling back at the TV. Just out of frustration. He’s never acknowledged, not one time, any of our kids. He’s never said their names. Even to this day, I doubt very seriously that he even knows their names.”

Hoover’s mother added, “It’s sickening, but it goes to the way that we’ve been treated the past three years. It’s three years–we’re going on three years now. And it’s just disrespect after disrespect. This is probably the cherry on top.”

The Hoovers weren’t the only family outraged by the president’s ridiculous comments, explained The New York Post.

“While the words shocked many across the nation, the repulsive faux pax particularly stung the hearts of the Gold Star families who lost their loved ones in the violent attacks on US troops since Biden took office in January 2021, said Mark Schmitz, whose son Marine Cpl. Jared Schmitz was among the fallen 13 in Kabul.

‘My phone blew up for probably 20 minutes after that came through, and everybody was just in utter shock. And my poor kids were in the next room – let’s just say I ultimately ended up having to apologize to them for my language,’ he told The Post. “It took all self restraint not to put my fist right through my TV.

‘I was beyond ticked off, disrespected. That’s all we’ve ever gotten out of this president,’ he added.

For Steve Nikoui, whose son Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui also died in the horrible blast, Biden’s blunder was unsurprising, given the way Biden kept glancing at his watch as the bodies of the fallen 13 were honored in a ceremony as they were brought home.

‘I did see that, and I was just as shocked as anyone else, but I wasn’t surprised,’ he told The Post of Biden’s televised unforgivable blunder. ‘I’m glad that the rest of America is able to see what we’ve been dealing with for the last three years.’”

Biden infamously glanced down at his watch as he observed the transfer of remains from the soldiers who died in Afghanistan on his watch.

A watchdog group offered a scathing condemnation of Biden’s handling of the withdrawal in 2023.

The suicide bombing resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. service members—comprising 11 Marines, one Navy sailor, and one Army soldier. Additionally, 18 other U.S. service members were wounded. The attack also claimed the lives of over 150 civilians.

Fox News Digital reported that the suicide bomber was a member of ISIS-K who was being held as a prisoner at Bagram Air Base. He was released when the Taliban seized control of the facility in August 2021. 

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