Congress Recommends Charges For Hunter, James Biden

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“No one is above the law.” That’s what Democrats have been saying over the past week or so after former President Donald Trump received a guilty verdict in a case in which liberals have not been able to identify what crime Trump allegedly did.

House Republicans are now putting their faith in that statement to the test. The members of congress have sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department recommending that the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the brother of the president, James Biden, be charged with making false statements to Congress.

The Associated Press reports that House Oversight Committee Chairman, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith jointly sent the recommendation.

The Republican chairmen of the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways & Means committees sent a letter to the Justice Department recommending prosecution of Hunter Biden and James Biden.

A representative for Hunter Biden’s legal team and a lawyer for James Biden didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment. But both parties, and the White House, have dismissed the investigations into the Biden family as partisan witch hunts.

Republicans have pursued an impeachment inquiry seeking to tie the Democratic president to his son’s business dealings but have failed to uncover evidence directly implicating him in any wrongdoing. Now, the committees are accusing Hunter Biden and James Biden of providing false testimony during their hourslong sit-downs with lawmakers, claiming that it is part of a larger effort to hide the president’s involvement in the family’s overseas businesses.

“Congress cannot allow anyone, not even the president’s son or his brother, to stand in the way of its oversight of the executive branch or deny the American people the accountability they deserve,” Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., chair of Ways & Means, said in a statement.

House Republicans allege Hunter “falsely distanced himself from a corporate entity – Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC – and its bank account (Rosemont Seneca Bohai Bank Account) that was the recipient of millions of dollars from foreign individuals and foreign entities who met with then-Vice President Biden before and after transmitting money to the Rosemont Seneca Bohai Bank Account that then transferred funds to Hunter Biden,” reports Fox News.

“Hunter Biden made additional false statements as to whether he held positions at Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC. After deposing Hunter Biden, the Committees obtained documents showing Hunter Biden represented that he was the corporate secretary,” they wrote. “Additionally, Hunter Biden during his testimony relayed an entirely fictitious account about threatening text messages he sent to his Chinese business partner while invoking his father’s presence with him as he wrote the messages. Hunter Biden told the Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee he had transmitted this threat to an unrelated individual with the same surname. However, documents released by the Committee on Ways and Means demonstrate conclusively that Hunter Biden made this threat to the intended individual, and bank records prove Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners wired millions of dollars to him after his threat.”

As for James Biden, the news channel explained, House Republicans said he “stated unequivocally during his transcribed interview that Joe Biden did not meet with Mr. Tony Bobulinski, a business associate of James and Hunter Biden, in 2017 while pursuing a deal with a Chinese entity, CEFC China Energy.”

“Specifically, James Biden stated he did not attend a meeting with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Tony Bobulinski on May 2, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. These statements were contradicted not only by Mr. Bobulinski, but Hunter Biden.”

“Mr. Bobulinski also produced text messages that establish the events leading up to and immediately following his meeting with Joe Biden on May 2, 2017,” the committee chairmen wrote in their recommendation.

Throughout the impeachment inquiry, James Biden has become seen as one of Joe’s biggest fixers. Despite claims that the now president never knew what was going on, James Biden took meetings in which he used his brother’s name to earn huge paychecks for the Biden family, and at one point even asked one of his “clients” to provide Joe Biden with “equity” in a health services company.

Last month, reports revealed that James and Hunter Biden used Joe’s visiting the memorial built for the children who died during the Sandy Hook massacre to arrange a meeting with a Chinese energy executive whose company cut huge checks to the Biden family.

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