Biden Campaign Now Censoring Reporters Asking Voters Questions

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The Biden reelection campaign is fighting for its life, and it knows it. Politico said that “Biden’s top campaign staffers tried to quickly and forcefully project calm in a private, previously scheduled meeting with donors and bundlers Friday following a disastrous performance in his first debate against Donald Trump.

They argued it wasn’t a ‘campaign killer.’ Staffers touted grassroots fundraising numbers. Biden’s campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon told them that there was no easy way to get Biden out of the race — or name a new nominee.”

The Biden campaign has begun doing everything it can to run out the clock before the convention. Following the first presidential debate, several journalists noted that during Friday’s campaign events, Biden campaign staffers attempted to end conversations with voters when they began to turn negative, reports The Daily Caller.

“As I spoke to voters at a Las Vegas rally for Vice President Harris, a Nevada Biden campaign staffer followed me and twice asked that voters end their interviews when their comments turned critical of President Biden,” Simon Levien, a New York Times reporter, wrote.

“You can’t tell me that there’s not anyone better —” a voter told Levien, expressing the desire for a different Democratic presidential candidate.

“We’re at a Joe Biden event, so I’m going to cut you off there, sorry,” a Biden staffer told Levien, cutting the interview off.

After one voter expressed that they wished Biden would drop out of the presidential race and allow Harris to be the Democratic nominee for president, a campaign staffer jumped in, Levien continued.

“Who’s running the country?” another voter told Levien he remarked during the debate.

Despite the massive push from liberal media outlets, new reports have shared that Biden has no intention of quitting. If anything, The New York Times calling for him to step aside will only make him burrow deeper.

Biden’s Democratic allies announced that they are standing by him, as well, writes Huffington Post.

Democratic lawmakers on Friday acknowledged Biden’s poor showing, but tried to stop talk of replacing him as their standard-bearer, and instead tried to shift the focus onto Trump’s attacks and falsehoods that they hoped would remind voters of the daily turbulence of his presidency.

‘Well, the president didn’t have a good night, but neither did Donald Trump with lie after lie and his dark vision for America,’ North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper told The Associated Press on Friday, hours before he was set to share a stage with the president in Raleigh. ‘We cannot send Donald Trump back to the White House. He’s an existential threat to our nation.’

House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries answered with a flat ‘no’ when asked Friday if Biden should step aside. But the New York lawmaker added that he’s eager to see how Biden would address his performance at his Friday rally.

‘I’m looking forward to hearing from President Biden,’ he said. ‘And until he articulates a way forward in terms of his vision for America at this moment, I’m going to reserve comment about anything relative to where we are at this moment, other than to say I stand behind the ticket.’”

The man who launched the Biden presidency in 2020 also announced he’s still with Joe.

The Hill noted that “Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) is swatting away arguments that President Biden should step down from the Democratic ticket after his subpar debate performance Thursday evening, contending that the incumbent should ‘stay the course.’

Clyburn — who is widely considered responsible for Biden’s crucial primary victory in South Carolina that propelled him to the nomination in 2020 — said he thought Biden had a ‘poor performance’ at the debate, calling it ‘strike one.’

‘If this were a ball game he’s got two more swings,’ he added.

The show of support from Clyburn came less than 24 hours after Thursday night’s presidential debate, where Biden — while up against former President Trump — at times tripped over his words and appeared to lose his train of thought.”

Clyburn claimed that he intended to meet with the president to tell him to keep going.

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