Biden Campaign Defends Defacing Of American Monuments

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Over the weekend, while Joe Biden spent time in France, pro-Palestinian activists swarmed the nation’s capital, surrounding the White House and throwing smoke bombs on the White House lawn.

The Washington Post reported that “statues and structures around the White House were graffitied and vandalized during the Gaza cease-fire protest on Saturday, though the National Park Service said officials were still assessing the extent and cost of the damage Sunday amid a cleanup effort focused on Lafayette Square.

Thousands of demonstrators — many of whom had arrived on buses from more than two dozen citieshad surrounded the perimeter of the White House with a wide strip of red fabric Saturday, saying they were drawing a red line for President Biden and calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. During the rally, demonstrators were seen scrawling graffiti across several sculptures in Lafayette Square.

Jasmine Shanti, a spokesperson with the National Park Service, said in a statement Sunday afternoon that the agency’s staff was ‘still evaluating the extent of the damage from Saturday’s demonstration and march around the White House.’

‘Notable damage includes graffiti, damage to some structures and damage to park infrastructure in Lafayette Park,’ Shanti said, adding at 6 p.m. that there was “still no update for time of completion for the cleanup and repair.” Shanti did not provide further details about the damage to structures and infrastructure.”

As New Conservative Post noted, liberal riot season has begun, and the Biden campaign appears ready to do all it can to encourage it because they desperately need the votes of the “Hamas Caucus” leftists.

Earlier in the week, Biden campaign spokesman Adrienne Elrod defended the pro-Hamas protesters who vandalized veterans’ memorials, intimidated Jews, and mocked law enforcement outside the White House over the weekend.

The Secret Service said that there were no arrests or permanent property damage to the White House, or adjacent buildings.

The campaign’s defense of the pro-Hamas protesters, whose vote they are depending on this election, comes as some of them in New York began praising Hitler, according to The New York Post.

“Horrifying video captured a vile anti-Israel protester telling Jews honoring hundreds of Israelis killed on Oct. 7 that he wished “Hitler was still here” because the Nazi leader would have “wiped all you out.”

The unidentified man’s hateful vitriol was filmed as a huge mob descended on Monday’s memorial in Union Square honoring those slain at the Nova Music Festival, with other protesters lighting flares and waving a banner celebrating the slaughter.

A 17-second clip shared on social media starts with the man bizarrely asking people off-camera, ‘Why y’all out there killing people?’

‘I wish Hitler was still here,’ he then says firmly yet calmly, waving his arms at those he is addressing.”

The Biden campaign has done everything it can to sate the radical antisemitic left outside of attacking Israel itself and siding with Hamas. Over the weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris said she felt sympathy for the terrorists who were killed in a raid by Israel to free four of the hostages taken by Hamas.

Earlier in the year, the Biden administration sanctioned an attack against Israel by Iran and tried to build a pier for Palestine to allow “humanitarian aid” to flow into the area. The pier fell apart and few goods actually flowed into Gaza, but the ones that did fell into the hands of Hamas, which most experts predicted would happen.

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