Psaki Thinks Republicans Vote For Trump Because They Think He’ll Die

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Liberals are often the least self-reflective people on the planet. They cannot conceive why Republicans who dislike Trump won’t vote for Joe Biden and will happily go on television to show their cluelessness, wearing it as a badge of honor.

That’s what Jen Psaki, the former Biden press secretary turned MSNBC host, did during her visit to the president’s favorite television show, Morning Joe. 

Psaki laid out a theory for why Donald Trump was so popular, especially among Republicanswrites Newsmaxand it has nothing to do with what Trump says he’ll do in the White House. 

“I think many of them want to be close to power. They also assume or have this thought in their mind that, ‘Maybe Donald Trump will go away,'” Psaki said. “Maybe he’ll go to jail. Maybe he will die. Not to be too morbid, but maybe, I mean, he’s not a young man. Who knows what’s in their minds? They think, ‘Maybe I will be behind the Oval Office.'”

The Trump campaign responded in a statement to Newsmax.

“Democrats like Jen Psaki are suffering from such severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they openly wish President Trump would die in prison because they know Joe Biden can’t win the election fair and square,” Trump campaign National press secretary Karoline Leavitt said in an email to Newsmax. “Jen Psaki and her friends should seek help because President Trump will be back in the White House very soon.”

Further, Psaki lumps other Trump supporters — Bill BarrSen. Mitch McConnell — as in fear of “the mob” or the “cringy” sorts like Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., whom she calls “embarrassing” in his effort to secure the vice president nod from Trump. 


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Hot Air writer Karen Townsend had a good explanation for Psaki’s deranged statement. She’s coming to grips with the fact that her former boss is losing the election. 

“Democrats are nervous about President Biden’s re-election. They are angry that some Republicans are changing their tune about Trump. Two examples are Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Attorney General William Barr. 

Jen Psaki is Biden’s former White House press secretary. She parlayed that gig into a contract with MSNBC. She has a weekend show and she is frequently a guest on NBC political shows. Her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is as strong as it has ever been. 

Democrats always accuse Republicans of doing what they are doing. Mitch McConnell is stepping down as the leader of Senate Republicans and will likely retire in the near future. Bill Barr is back in the private sector. Psaki’s reasoning sounds off. She just wants to complain that when push comes to shove, most of the Republicans who are publicly criticizing Trump will consider the presidential election a binary choice. They will hold their nose and vote for Trump instead of Biden or another candidate. They are Republicans at the end of the day.

Sure, that makes sense in her bubble but in the real world, just because a Republican expresses frustration over Trump being the party’s candidate again doesn’t mean they are switching over to vote for BidenTake, for example, former Speaker Paul Ryan. He is a Never Trumper, yet he said in an interview on Tuesday that he will write in a name instead of voting for Trump. He told Yahoo Finance that it’s about character for him. Ryan is a Republican and said he won’t be voting for Biden. When he was asked, he said he disagreed with Biden’s policies and wouldn’t consider voting for him.”

Townsend’s right that the shoe never goes on the other foot with the mainstream media. Has there ever been a time in which liberals have urged Democrats who dislike Biden to vote for Trump? 

Of course not. For Democrats, “defending democracy” means eliminating all choices besides Biden. 

That’s why, when Republicans held a contested primary against the former president, Democrats canceled voting in states that could embarrass Biden.

More recently, the national party announced that they would be targeting Robert F. Kennedy’s attempt to get on the ballot in all 50 states. 

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