Kamala Touts Bidenomics Job Creation….In Central America

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With the election heating up and President Biden struggling in polling against former President Donald Trump, we should prepare for Democrats to start talking about how great the economy has performed since 2021. 

That’s what the vice president did earlier in the week when the White House touted her work to fight “economic insecurity” by creating “high-quality jobs” by the thousands. 

Kamala often needs help having things spelled out for her and someone on staff should have clarified: the place the White House should be supporting jobs is in the United States, not Central America. 

The Washington Free Beacon writes that in a fact sheet released Monday, the White House provided an “update” on Harris’s efforts to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration. One section, titled “Creating Opportunities,” notes that “U.S. government support for as many as 23,000 private sector firms in northern Central America has helped create and sustain up to an estimated 250,000 jobs.” The fact sheet goes on to tout U.S. taxpayer-funded vocational training and jobs summits for residents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

“Vice President Harris continues to lead the implementation of the Root Causes Strategy, which tackles the drivers of irregular migration,” the sheet says. “These efforts provide hope and opportunity to the people of Central America, affirming that a secure and prosperous future lies in their home communities.”

Harris’s focus on Central American jobs comes amid rising unemployment in the United States. The unemployment rate spiked to a two-year high in February, and in Washington, unemployment is at its highest level since the COVID-19 pandemic. President Joe Biden responded to those rates by calling the American economy “the envy of the world.”

In addition to its vocational trainings and job summits, the administration has funneled tens of millions of dollars to Central American “labor rights actors,” announced two $6 million “soil mapping projects” in Guatemala and Honduras, and “supported over 140 journalists and more than 25 news outlets from Central America to improve investigative reporting on issues of public interest,” according to the White House fact sheet.

Building up Central America’s economy over the American one has not had the intended effect. Migrants coming to the United States through the southern border remain at near record highs, which is something the president recently expressed he feels little “urgency” in handling. 

Last fall, New Conservative Post predicted that “Bidenomics” could be one of the biggest political missteps of all time

“In 1988, during the Republican National Convention, then Vice President George HW Bush, the GOP nominee for president, declared a fateful line that would haunt him four years later: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” 

As the world experienced change with the fall of the USSR and war broke out in the Middle East, President Bush found it difficult to keep his word. The figures presented by the Bush campaign were predicated on the belief that the robust economic growth of the late 1980s would persist during his tenure as president.

It didn’t and HW went on to be a one-term president, losing to Bill Clinton in 1992 who ran on the notion that “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Fast-forward thirty years and it looks like another way to say “Read my lips” is to mumble about “Bidenomics.” The White House was proud of their work on the economy so much that they slapped the president’s name on it, expecting prices to go down, but the opposite has happened.”

That prediction has been proven correct. Axios explained that “For the first time in more than two months, President Biden on Tuesday publicly uttered a word that he and other Democrats have largely abandoned: ‘Bidenomics.’

Republicans are now using the term — mockingly — far more than Democrats heading into the meat of the presidential campaign, even as the economy has improved under Biden.

The president’s shift from “Bidenomics” is part of a broader move toward trying to energize his base ahead of the election, instead of trying to convince swing voters that the economy is better than what they tell pollsters.

By contrast, the campaign’s $20 million-plus in ads last year focused mostly on Biden’s economic record — though the ads didn’t frame it as “Bidenomics.” The ad buy didn’t move Biden’s poll numbers, but his campaign has said it let voters know of his legislative accomplishments.”

A recent poll showed 46 percent of voters chose Trump and 45 percent picked Biden and while sentiment was slightly up, voters still overwhelmingly support Trump when it comes to the economy.

CNBC noted, “Trump also looks to have a commanding lead among voters when it comes to which candidate they believe is best on several key economic issues. Survey respondents said inflation is the No. 1 issue and they give Trump a 27-point advantage on which candidate will be to deal with it. Biden has a 19-point lead on the next most important issue, health care. But Trump has double-digit leads on who is best for the overall economy, and on crime, taxes, immigration and China. Biden has a large 25-point advantage on the abortion issue and a slim lead on Social Security.”

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