Small Group In GOP House Save Key Biden Cabinet Member

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Eight Republicans in the House of Representatives look at the crisis occurring on the southern border and think Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is doing a splendid job. 

On Monday, the House voted to send articles of impeachment against the incompetent Biden cabinet member, and instead sent the bill drafted by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to committee, where it will be ignored.

In the past 23 months since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2022 there have been at least 269 known or suspected terrorists that have been apprehended between ports of entry at the border and likely many more among the “got-aways,” writes The Daily Caller.

“Our border is wide open and Americans are dying everyday. It’s time for Congress to hold the Biden administration accountable. It’s time to IMPEACH Mayorkas. Tonight, the House will vote on the Democrat motion to table (kill) my articles of impeachment against Mayorkas. Every Republican should stand strong and vote AGAINST the motion,” Greene said on Twitter before the vote.

“A vote to table is a vote with Democrats to protect Mayorkas and against impeachment,” she added.

Last week, Mayorkas testified that he believes “there is no illegal immigration crisis at the US southern border. This is despite millions of migrants illegally entering the United States since President Biden took office, with more than 240,000 documented illegal entries last month.

The Biden admin official made the claims while testifying before Congress about the border security budget and spending, as well as the record number of illegal immigrants invading the United States,” noted The Post Millennial.

Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith asked Mayorkas: “So the situation at the border, you’re saying, is not a disaster?”

“That is correct,” Mayorkas told the committee.

It’s hard not to imagine why he’d think everything is fine at the southern border. MRC TV reported that a large caravan heading towards the United States recently began chanting the president’s name.

“Biden! Biden! Biden!” the migrants are heard repeating.

The New York Times recently explained that “migrants were caught crossing the southern border of the United States more times in the past year than in any other year since at least 1960, when the government started keeping track of the data.

It is the third record-setting year in a row, during a time when migration around the world is at historic highs.

There were more than 2.4 million apprehensions in the 2023 fiscal year, which ended in September. That tops the previous record, set a year earlier, of more than 2.3 million, according to government data released on Saturday. During the 2021 fiscal year, there were more than 1.7 million apprehensions.”

On the same day that Mayorkas’s impeachment was brushed aside, House Republicans revealed a report showing the enormous cost to the American taxpayer that could be racked up because of illegal immigration. 

Obtaining a copy of the reportThe New York Post reported, “Americans could pay up to $451 billion to care for migrants who entered the US illegally, but have been released into the country or escaped from custody.

‘Every day, millions of American taxpayer dollars are spent on costs directly associated with illegal immigration and the unprecedented crisis at the Southwest border sparked by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ policies,” the House Homeland Security Committee interim staff report states.

“Only a small fraction is ever recouped from the taxes paid by illegal aliens, with the rest falling on the shoulders of American citizens and lawful residents,” it adds.

Compiled from federal and state records, media reports and other public information, the 50-page document outlines the taxpayer costs incurred in medical care, housing, education and other welfare benefits for tens of millions of migrants — to say nothing of the additional costs for law enforcement.”

The author of the report, Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Republican Mark Green, told the newspaper, “This report reveals in painstaking detail the dollar costs facing the American people every day that this chaos continues, both in small towns on the border and in big cities like New York.” 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker have spent the last year begging Biden to have a real immigration policy. 

Adams has claimed that “This issue will destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month.”

In a letter to President Biden, Pritzker complained about the cost of illegal immigrants in Chicago, writing that “on top of the 15,000 that have arrived in Chicago and Illinois over the last 13 months, we are now seeing busloads more migrants at increasingly higher rates being sent specifically to Chicago each day. Our state government has been forced to dedicate over $ 330 million to provide humanitarian aid and that amount is increasing each day. That’s a massive amount of money for a state still overcoming the health and economic effects of COVID-19. Add to that the over $ 100 million the city of Chicago contributed. Though we have found temporary housing in existing buildings for a majority of the refugees, we are challenged to find additional housing for the continuous flow of people who keep coming and are now forced to sleep in police stations and on sidewalks. This situation is untenable and requires your immediate help beyond the coming work authorizations for some of the asylum seekers.”

In a likely response to the concerns being expressed by Democrats in big cities, the White House announced that it would be completing Donald Trump’s wall, infuriating the president’s leftwing base. 

That seemed to satisfy the eight moderates in the Republican House.

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