James Carville Warns Democrats About Biden

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Last week, polling expert Nate Silver made a comment that drove Democrats into a tizzy.

“If Biden is still struggling in August he needs to consider stepping aside,” the polling guru wrote on Twitter. “It’s not a great situation for Ds either way, but you have to do due diligence on the question. It’s an important election, obviously. It shouldn’t be taboo to talk about.”

Silver later went on to add: “*If* Biden is still trailing Trump by >=3 points in the swing states in August—not something I take for granted—then he’ll be a pretty big underdog. It would be bananas not to consider alternatives. Sometimes all you get choose from is different types of bananas.”

This isn’t the first time that Democrats have considered the possibility of dropping out, but as they continue to “freak out,” David Axelrod threw out the idea last year, but now he has company.

Carville, like Axelrod, has begun suggesting that the president will not be the nominee by the time the Democratic National Convention rolls around, reports The Daily Caller.

Democratic strategist James Carville said there is apprehension in the party and that people should not disregard the possibility that President Joe Biden will not be a presidential candidate by the election.

Former President Donald Trump is beating Biden in the five critical swing states of Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, according to a May New York Times/Siena College survey. Carville said on the “Politics War Room” podcast that there is a chance Biden will not be the Democrats’ nominee in response to a question about whether the president should exit the race if he does poorly in his upcoming debate with Trump, and as he continues to struggle in swing state polls. 

“I got to tell you, there’s, I don’t say panic, but there is real, real unease in the party,” Carville said. “And you know, sometimes you go years with nothing happening, and then you go weeks with everything happening.”

“It’s politics. Anything can happen. Don’t discount it,” he added, although he agreed with co-host Al Hunt that Biden most likely will be the candidate.

Carville wasn’t done. He also slammed Democrats for their horrible messaging, blasting the party’s leadership for tone-deafness and not speaking to things that Americans actually care about.

Carville said that Democrat messaging is full of s***. Don’t talk about f***ing Gaza and student loans. That’s so out [there].”

Citing polls showing both of those issues far, far down the list of voters’ concerns, The Washington Examiner noted, Carville then said: “Why are we forgiving student loans for people that go to Harvard? Which — according to [marketing professor] Scott Galloway, quite accurately, is nothing but a hedge fund that has classrooms — well, they got a $52 billion f***ing surplus! Why are taxpayers going to bail these people out?! Why don’t you come out for a proposal to tax every university endowment over $5 billion and use that money to give their former students relief?”

Carville’s message was that Democrats should be talking about the “cost of living” and about issues related to the Supreme Court. Combine that with his several years of complaining about “wokeness” taking over the Democratic Party, and what Carville is consistently saying is that Democrats need to start sounding populist messages rather than appealing to leftist elites.

Will they listen?

Probably not.

While he was elected to “restore norms” and “bring unity” while focusing on working people, Biden has spent much of his time this week talking about ignoring the Supreme Court so that he could give money to students who were too rich (or stupid) to not receive scholarships or financial aid from their colleges.

Biden, who tried to take credit for leading America out of the pandemic, also casually mentioned that we will face school shutdowns again.

Somewhere James Carville is screaming into a pillow.

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