Biden’s Closest Advisors Have Tried To Get Karine Jean-Pierre Fired

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In 2022, Karine Jean-Pierre received heaps of praise when she was chosen to replace Jen Psaki. She made history in by becoming the first black and first openly gay person to hold the position, but she soon revealed she was not cut out for the job, developing an “exasperating habit” of reading directly from a binder filled with notes to reporters rather than answering questions herself. 

Time and again, she has been caught flat footed with questions that could be easily anticipated

Whether about the stock market:

Or threats against members of the Supreme Court:

Or defending the Biden administration’s contributions to inflation:

The New York Post broke the news that Biden’s top assistants have been trying to push her out, thinking she’s only going to her the president’s reelection effort. 

De facto White House communications chief Anita Dunn, 66, the wife of Biden personal attorney Bob Bauer, told colleagues she had decided to call in prominent Democrats to explain to Jean-Pierre, 49, that the time was ripe to move on, sources told The Post.

“There were a number of people she asked to engage Karine,” said one source who heard of the strategy directly from Dunn, whose role as senior adviser has been filled during the past three presidencies by Jared Kushner (Donald Trump), Valerie Jarrett (Barack Obama) and Karl Rove (George W. Bush).

While Jean-Pierre isn’t going anywhere, the issues that brought about Dunn’s failed machinations remain — with both sources saying the press secretary is too reliant on notes to provide the pushback and quick-thinking repartee needed to effectively champion Biden’s cause.

“Karine doesn’t have an understanding of the issues and she reads the book [binder] word-for-word,” said the second source, adding that the situation is made worse by the fact that “she thinks she’s doing an amazing job.”

Jean-Pierre most recently embarrassed herself when she was asked why the president claimed that cannibals had eaten his uncle during World War II and what the president thought of young liberals supporting Hamas. 

The Daily Mail noted that she became enraged when asked about the topic: ‘We should not make jokes about it,’ Jean-Pierre sassed at Doocy. ‘Your last line is for a laugh, is for a funny statement. And he takes this very seriously. His uncle who served and protected his country lost his life and that should matter.’ 

Doocy had asked the press secretary why Biden said Finnegan’s plane had been ‘shot down’ – when Pentagon documents said it suffered engine failure – and also why the president contended the servicemember had been eaten.

‘That’s a bad way to go,’ Doocy commented, cuing Jean-Pierre’s annoyance. 

Doocy followed up with, ‘where did the cannibalism come from?’ which Jean-Pierre still didn’t answer. 

‘I think you’re missing the point,’ she said. ‘The point is you have a president that lifts up American veterans, who lifts up our U.S. servicemembers and that’s what matters.'”

The Department of Defense has confirmed that the president was lying, as he often does about things in his past. His uncle crashed near New Guinea.

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