Biden Seeks To End Gasoline Vehicles

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Although Joe Biden is obsessed with his Corvette to the point that he made “car noises” like a small child during his interview with Robert Hur during his investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified information, the White House has again revealed that he’s not actually in charge. His leftwing staff is. 

Earlier in the year, New Conservative Post reported that liberals intend to limit how fast our cars can go. “It’s become rather clear that liberal elites are obsessed with governing how ordinary people live their lives, and that has only increased during Joe Biden’s term. Whether it’s eating lobster, cooking on a gas stove, or even letting your kids have a glass of chocolate milk, or even enjoying New York style pizza, it seems that Democrats cannot help themselves from regulating “danger” out of the smallest joys in life. 

Now they’re coming for how fast you drive your car. 

In an under-reported statement, Biden’s NTSB recommended that the federal government limit how fast someone can drive their car:

The National Transportation Safety Board investigation into a multivehicle collision in North Las Vegas, Nevada, last year that resulted in nine fatalities has led the board to recommend a requirement for intelligent speed assistance technology in all new cars. The board issued the recommendations Tuesday at a public board meeting after determining the crash was caused by excessive speed, drug-impaired driving and Nevada’s failure to deter the driver’s speeding recidivism due to systemic deficiencies, despite numerous speeding citations.”

Now, the Biden administration has continued Obama’s radical policies against gas vehicles, enacting harsh new regulations meant to foist unpopular electric vehicles onto the public.  

The Biden administration announced Wednesday that it will impose the strictest vehicle-emissions regulations ever enacted as part of an effort to push the American car industry toward electric vehicles, reports The National Review.

The emissions standards, which will cover light-duty vehicles — cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks — are set to apply to models produced from “2027 through 2032 and beyond,” the Environmental Protection Agency said in a statement.

The new rules set targets for the number of electric models produced in the United States as a percentage of all light-duty vehicles created each year. For instance, in 2030, hitting the EPA’s new targets would require somewhere between 31 percent and 44 percent of new cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks to be fully electric, with the exact percentage depending on the amount of emissions from other vehicles.

Though the regulations announced Wednesday are the strictest in the country’s history, they are a step back from the EPA’s April 2023 proposal, at least in terms of the rollout speed. While the target in 2032 is still for carbon emissions to be cut in half from the total produced by cars that went on sale in 2026, the shift will be more gradual than the changes the administration proposed last year and the targets in the earlier years easier to meet.

Despite liberals believing that electric vehicles are a panacea and will solve climate change, a recent study showed that they’re a disaster waiting to happen for the environment

When California’s air agency analyzed the effects of its own ban on gas vehicles, the state used a model that “assumes both kinds of cars have the same tire wear. When the public pointed out the error, the agency doubled down, claiming it would be “speculative” to assume that electric cars will continue to be heavier than gasoline cars. The agency mused that in the future automakers could probably ‘offset’ the weight of heavy batteries with unspecified “weight reduction in other components or the vehicle body.”

California’s bureaucrats have it backward, explained The Wall Street Journal recently. “What’s ‘speculative’ is assuming that electric cars will soon weigh the same as the gasoline cars they replace. Electric cars are 15% to 30% heavier because batteries store far less energy per pound than liquid fuels. While weight differences between electric and gasoline cars have remained roughly constant over the past decade, the only reasonable prediction of trends is for electric cars to get heavier as manufacturers increase battery size to boost range.”

Biden’s mandate will also cost Americans a fortune and could be a disaster for autoworkers. The New York Post writes, “The five-year cost to own an average electric vehicle is more than $92,000, according to the North American Auto Dealers Association. Compare that to a typical gas-powered vehicle, which over the same period costs $76,500.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has warned automobile manufacturers for years that leaving consumers out of their long-term business plans was a recipe for failure.

Biden has been covering up the economic damage this rule will cause by telling the media his administration will slow its implementation.

However, the administration has not given up the goal of making electric vehicles total 70% of new sales by 2032.”

The mandate is another great example of how “car guy” Joe Biden may live in the White House, but he’s not the one making rules. 

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