Biden Cabinet Member Allegedly Threatened Congress

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In a shocking admission, a congresswoman said that one of Biden’s cabinet members made an apparent threat to Congress when told that the House of Representatives was working to impeach him. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has been in hot water for months due to the millions that have come through the border since Biden took office in 2021. 

When confronted with his multiple failures leading the Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas allegedly told congresswoman Kat Cammack that she wouldn’t like what came next if he were to be removed. 

Mayorkas went on the record last month claiming that Republican border enhancement measures are “against our values.” 

The Daily Caller notes:

“He has lied repeatedly to Congress. He has been negligent in his duties. He needs to go. He needs to be impeached. Our national security depends on it,” Cammack told [Harris] Faulkner.

“Do you think it’ll happen?” Faulkner asked.

“Absolutely,” Cammack said. “I have yet to meet one Republican — heck, I even know of some Democrats that are anxious to get rid of him. And let me remind you, when behind closed doors we told him, ‘You are getting ready to be impeached’ he said, ‘You’re not gonna like who comes next.’”

“Well that was the big question. I asked him. I said, ‘Is that a threat?’ And he just smiled, and I thought, ‘This man knows exactly what he’s doing.’ This is 100 percent by design. They want an open border crisis whether it is for an election, whether it’s for future votes as they work to get rid of citizenship as a requirement for voting, we’re not sure,” Cammack responded. “But he was very, very clear in what he said, and there were other members in the room. So I will never forget that and as we go to impeach him for his negligence, for him destroying our national security and eroding our national sovereignty, that will be top of mind.”

The new revelation makes it clear that Republicans backed down after the threat

New Conservative Post noted that a few days after eight Republicans in the House sided with Biden to protect Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas from impeachment, 45 of them sided with Democrats to protect an administration official who’s been accused of “largest child trafficking ring in American history.”

The news about the Mayorkas comes as a recent, shocking interview between a journalist and some migrants about the way they treat women has been released.

With the rapid rise of illegal migration from South America to the United States under Joe Biden, nonprofit groups have warned about an increase in sexual assault violence occurring to the thousands of women being carried north. 

Meanwhile, at the US-Mexico border, the US Customs and Border Protection agency notched 2,475,669 “encounters” with undocumented migrants in 2023 — a total never before surpassed.

That jump has correlated with increased reports of sexual assaults. In 2023, the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) treated 397 cases of sexual violence in the Darién Gap. In one week alone, the group saw 59 cases.

Those numbers, reported last month, mark a significant leap over the previous year’s total of 180, according to one report.

House conservatives may get another shot at removing Mayorkas soon as his status among moderates has diminished as it’s become clear he has little intention to enforce border security.

CNN writes that “House Republicans are plotting to swiftly impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas early this year, as key swing-district Republicans express fresh openness to the idea amid a recent surge of migrant crossings at the southern border.

The controversial move – to make Mayorkas the first Cabinet secretary impeached in nearly 150 years – amounts to a shift for the House GOP, which had set its sights on potentially impeaching President Joe Biden in early 2024. But with the Biden probe moving methodically and a number of Republicans still skeptical about impeaching the president, senior Republicans now believe targeting Mayorkas will be an easier lift as the border crisis becomes a defining campaign issue.

“From the far right and the Freedom Caucus to those more moderate, we have all been a part of this,” Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, a freshman congressman from a New York district that Biden carried in 2020, told CNN. “We’ve all asked the tough questions, and I think we are at a point, and I believe that the American people agree with us, that Mayorkas needs to be impeached and we need to find quality leadership to lead Homeland Security.”

The news channel also wrote that “according to the Department of Homeland Security, 1.4 million individuals who were encountered at the border were removed in fiscal year 2022, which is more than in any previous year. The agency has also stopped more fentanyl and arrested more individuals for fentanyl-related crimes in the last two years than in the previous five years combined.”

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