Video Shows GOP Congressman Getting Pushed Around By Cops

[Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Congressman Ronny Jackson of Texas got into a physical altercation while trying to help a young girl having a seizure at a Texas rodeo a couple weeks ago. 

The Washington Post writes that ‘after Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tex.) was slammed to the ground by police and detained in response to a chaotic medical situation at a rodeo last month, the congressman berated the sheriff’s deputies with profanity and threatened to report them to the governor’s office, according to body-camera footage released Monday.

The video released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows Jackson, a former White House physician to two presidents, approaching a group of people surrounding a 15-year-old girl who authorities have said was having seizures at the White Deer Rodeo outside Amarillo, Tex., on July 29.

Jackson appears to get into an argument with someone in the group after multiple people asked him to get out of the way. Moments later, the congressman is taken to the ground by at least two officers with the Carson County, Tex., Sheriff’s Office and briefly handcuffed, according to video.”

The Daily Mail reported the congressman saying, ‘You are a f***ing full-on d**k!’ the Texas Republican told an officer who slammed him to the ground. ‘You better recalculate motherf***er!’

Jackson, who cared for Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump in the White House, had stepped in to assist the teenage girl who was going through a medical episode.

I’m gonna call the governor tomorrow and I’m gonna talk to him about this s*** because this is f***in’ ridiculous,’ Jackson exclaimed. ‘F***in’ ridiculous.’

‘I asked you to get back and you did not get back,’ the officer said. Jackson later replied that he was ‘just trying to help’ and denied hearing anyone tell him to get back.

The altercation sparked a furor in Texas because Ronny Jackson is not just some random member of Congress. Before joining the House of Representatives, he served as the White House doctor for both Presidents Trump and Obama. Since taking his oath, he has been one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters. 

“DPS released the 31-minute bodycam video — and a shorter dashcam video — Monday in response to an open records request from The Texas Tribune. There is no audio during parts of the videos, something DPS acknowledged in a letter to the Tribune without providing a reason. DPS also blurred out images of the person receiving medical care,” according to the Texas Tribune.

“The dashcam video provides another angle of Jackson furiously confronting the trooper before leaving the rodeo. The video contains audio of the confrontation, which occurred near the hood of the trooper’s car, but country music drowns out the voices. One of the songs is “Irish Goodbye” by Treaty Oak Revival.

The videos confirm most of the general narrative of a report released Friday by the sheriff, Terry. However, Jackson in the video — as well as two witnesses — dispute that he was appropriately notified that he needed to back away for EMS,” the outlet continued. 

The report said that multiple officers responded to the scene late on the night of July 29 at the White Deer Rodeo. Among the claims mentioned was that Jackson threatened to beat up the trooper and later in a phone call threatened to go after the officer by contacting the governor, Greg Abbott.

Jackson’s office declared he was asked to help with a medical emergency before first responders arrived. He was “briefly detained” amid the chaos and confusion, according to his office.

Congressman Jackson said that he’s happy the video of the altercation has come out. 

Jackson was only detained for matter of minutes, according to his office, and was released immediately when officers realized that he was tending to the medical emergency.

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