DNC Committee Member Has Plan To Dump Kamala

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A member of the Democratic National Committee has laid out a plan to solve the party’s “Kamala Problem,” creating a way to allow the party to dump both President Biden and Vice President Harris in a desperate effort to beat Donald Trump in November.

James Zogby took to CNN to pitch his plan to the public to allow the party to run what he’s labeled as a “mini primary,” writes The Daily Caller.

Zogby told CNN’s Erica Hill that he proposed plans for a “controlled process” to the DNC chair that would draft a new 2024 Democratic nominee. The DNC member said there was enough time for his proposed “mini primary process,” explaining that weeks can “become a lifetime” in politics.

“I laid out a plan. I sent it to the party chair, and I’ve circulated it with many other DNC members,” Zogby said. “It’s a plan to create a controlled process whereby DNC members would be authorized to endorse candidates, they would be certified by the party secretary and then the process would begin with town halls that would be televised that the party would sponsor. And then we come to the convention.”

“We’d have a limited field because if — as I call for 40 or so required delegates or DNC members to endorse — we would only get a field of maybe four or five candidates. And I think we all know who they are

Zogby told the CNN anchor that the process would be “respectful” and “exciting.” He emphasized that the media would provide “wall-to-wall” coverage of the event and likened his idea to the election of former President John F. Kennedy.

Zogby has played a significant role in the Democratic Party. He has been an influential figure in shaping the party’s platform on Middle Eastern affairs and civil rights. Zogby served as a senior advisor to the Jesse Jackson and Al Gore presidential campaigns and has been a delegate at several Democratic National Conventions. His work includes promoting policies that address the concerns of Arab Americans and fostering greater understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and the Middle East.

Despite the push to install her as the nominee, despite her utterly disastrous 2020 campaign, many Democrats like Zogby understand that they still have a big problem even if they get rid of the aged, confused president.

Biden’s clear cognitive problems did not suddenly make the extremely unpopular vice president different from the one who liberal writers called, as late as March, an embarrassment.

Zogby acknowledged that the biggest hurdle to his plan, however, is not Kamala Harris being able to fight it; it’s Joe Biden refusing to give up power.

“The call ultimately has to come from Joe Biden. He has to decide whether he’s gonna leave,” Zogby said. “But here’s the point: If the holdup is that he’s afraid of handing it off to Kamala Harris and she may not be able to win, this solves that problem. If there’s a fear that if he withdrawals there will be chaos, this solves that problem. If there’s a fear that if he withdrawals, that Donald Trump will win, this solves that problem

For his part, Biden has no intention of leaving the race for the White House. During a conference call on Wednesday, the 81-year-old president announced that he would not be “pushed out.”

“Let me say this as clearly as I possibly can as simply and straightforward as I can: I am running…no one’s pushing me out. I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win.”

Nor does it look like Biden has any intention of dropping Kamala Harris from the Democratic ticket. Earlier today, the White House press secretary gushed about the vice president as the future of the Democratic Party.

It looks like Democrats are stuck with the two most unpopular leaders in their party. Somewhere Donald Trump is smiling.

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